July 31st, 2009
What’s Your Dream Job?

I love my jobSit down, kick back and relax. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect job where you’d be happy and enjoying waking up to get ready for the daily grind. Do you even have to leave your house? Is it a relaxing job or something fast paced and exciting? Its fun to imagine and even strive for the perfect job to fit your lifestyle. For myself, the perfect job would be a mixture of a few things I love to do.

I love the job that I do now and I am happy doing it, but in future, I’d love to own my own Consultancy Firm, (well, that is when I grow up!).

Ultimately, I would love to travel the world and write about my experiences. Yep, I’d love to venture to all corners of the earth and write all about my adventures. Doing this would be a blast, but I have to be realistic. The question I have to ask myself is – ‘Who is going to pay me to do travel the world ?’ Gosh, can’t imagine but for a second,  imagine having the most perfect job and getting paid for doing it (if you could eat your cake and have it!).

Now share with us, what would your dream job be?

Describe how your daily routine would be like and why you would love this job.

The main question is, are you in pursuit of your dream job?


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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream Job?

  1. My dream job: I’d love to be a rockstar! No boring office work for me. I am always happy and at my best when I play my guitar . My daily routine would look like this: Jam and jam some more with my band anywhere in the world. Try to ignore the groupies and other temptations but generally have a smashing time. Yep, I am on my way but to pay the rent, I am still doing my boring office job.

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  2. Lenny, you are on your way. I don’t enjoy what I do. However, I would love be a dental surgeon and make shed load of money while drilling gums. My dental surgeon is charging too much and he drives a Bentley! Unfortunately, I don’t want to re-train, so I guess I have make do for now.

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  3. I would love to be a pilot, not a commercial one though. I would own and fly my own plane! I am currently a teaher and I haven’t looked into the possibility of training to fly planes or how much it would cost. I’ll do a bit of research now and see if I could turn this wish into reality.

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  4. Forget my dream job, just give me a job! I will do any job right now. I have been looking for few weeks. I have just come across this blog hopefully some of the resources here should help. Any job is my dream job right now.

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