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Download free templates for Skill Based CV. Your CV is the most important document when it comes to looking for a job and career progression. Securing a job and career progression means more career growth and income; in most cases this has a direct impact on your work life happiness and satisfaction. Explore and download these free templates for skill based CV from Monsters.


Free Templates for Skill Based CV

Download free templates for skill based CV or Resume. These templates are for: the ‘Classic’ skill based CV, the ‘Modern’ skill based CV and the ‘Designer’ skill based CV.

For most people, writing a CV or resume from scratch isn’t an easy task. You have to be knowledgable about what to include and not include on a CV. Your CV must be focused, concise, and target your audience. For most job seekers, the task is often daunting that it’s easy to put it off for a long time. So, if you are one of those job seekers, here at Catherine’s Career Corner, we have done the leg work for you. We follow leaders in the field of career development, so that we are able to bring you great tools, tips and free resources from all over the web.

So, What are your biggest challenges when it comes to writing or updating your own CV or resume? The fear of not getting it right? Well, fear no more. You can tweak and adapt any of these CVs to showcase your skills.

First of all, congratulations! You are interested in these free templates for skill based CV. Obviously you understand that this is the digital age with high volumes of CVs or resumes to compete with. You have to know that your CV has to be optimized with the right key words for a recruiter’s system to filter you as a potential candidate. Your skills as showcased on your CV must be relevant to the jobs that you are applying for, you cannot afford to make your CV generic. A bad CV is a major turn off for employers.

So, before you start drafting your CV, ensure that you find some suitable jobs to apply for. Then, tweak any suitable one of these free templates for skill based CV and ask yourself if the system will filter your CV for the role using the right keywords as presented by the organization that is doing the recruiting.

Before you adapt any of the free templates for skill based CV,  highlight the key words and phrases that the recruiter needs. Now draft your CV as presented in any of the free templates for skill based CV below, incorporating the same or very similar key words and phrases as specified by the recruiter. Go into specific detail only about skills that are relevant to the role and provide examples of where you have successfully used these skills in the past.

Use any of the free templates for skill based CV as it has lots of white space with a clean look. They also have standard fonts and type sizes. You must make your CV two pages max. Any more and the recruiter will assume that you can’t summarize information. Remember, most recruiters are most interested in what you have done most recently, so no life history or mention of the job you did after high school if you have been working for many years.

Once you are done, save your CV in your name with the job number or role title so that it can easily be emailed to recruiters. Now, proceed to the download of free templates for skills based CV:


Free templates for skill based CV:

The ‘Classic’ Skill Based CV
This template offers enough space to describe the skills you have gained and your professional qualifications, as well as highlighting how these have been used in various jobs.
Click here to download this template
Format – .doc
Size – 51kb
The ‘Modern’ Skill Based CV
Taking the design onto another level, this template allow you more space talk about the jobs you have undertaken throughout your career.
Click here to download this template
Format – .doc
Size – 45kb
The ‘Designer’ Skill Based CV
Using header boxes to separate the various section of the CV, this template allows you to add a bit of style to your application, whilst still retaining a professional look.
Click here to download this template
Format – .doc
Size – 49kb
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