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December 4th, 2008
More Interview Tips and Advice




  • The interview begins when you walk through the front door of the organisation and ends when you leave – everyone you meet may be asked for their opinion about you.


  • Remember that first impressions count – dress for success and quickly build rapport


  • Remember to smile and shake hands firmly.


  • If you are offered tea or coffee and you would like some, accept even if you don’t end up drinking it.


  • If your seat is in an awkward position (e.g. the sun is shining in your eyes) ask “would you mind if I moved my chair?” and move it immediately.


  • Sell yourself!   Show enthusiasm and confidence – believe in yourself.


  • Make eye contact and remember to use positive body language


  • Don’t interrogate the interviewer!   Talk frankly but briefly – don’t ramble or make dramatic statements.


  • Listen carefully to what is being said (or not being said!).   If you don’t understand a question, ask for clarification.


  • Stress your experience, qualifications, strengths and achievements in a positive manner, but don’t exaggerate them.


  • Don’t say anything that could be misconstrued or deemed as negative.


  • Don’t criticise your previous employer or colleagues and avoid long stories about why you left.


  • Avoid talking about personal or domestic matters unless you are specifically asked.



  • Don’t ask about the salary level unless the interviewer does.   If you are asked about salary, remember what extras were included in your previous remuneration package and find out if they are included by this organisation.


  • Remain friendly and pleasant even if the interviewer is not.


  • Ask relevant questions at the end in order to show interest e.g.:
    • How has the position become vacant?
    • How does the department integrate with the rest of the company?
    • How do you see the role of this job developing?
    • Will I be encouraged to undertake further training?


  • At the end of the interview ask about the next step – it shows you are interested in the position.   Re-affirm your interest in the position before leaving.


  • Follow up afterwards – send an email to thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate your interest in the position


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