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Everyone who sends out a CV has to send out a cover letter even if it’s not mentioned in the job advertisement.  It’s expected that you will write and send a cover letter to accompany your CV. Explore these 66 free cover letter samples and formats as a useful source of ideas for yours.

Cover Letter Samples

The cover letter gives you another chance to emphasize what you have to contribute to the company or organization. Your cover letter will quickly introduce you, your skills and why you should be considered.

There are 66 free cover letter samples here as compiled by career experts at

We hope you’ll find them a useful source of ideas for what to include in your own cover letters.

Cover Letter Samples – Type

  1. Cover Letter Format
  2. Cover Letter Template
  3. Sample Targeted Cover Letter
  4. Customized Cover Letter Example
  5. Sample Targeted Cover Letter
  6. Targeted Cover Letter Example
  7. Sample Cover Letter Requesting a Meeting
  8. Cover Letter Applying for More Than One Job
  9. Modified Block Format
  10. Full Block Format

Email Cover Letter Examples

  1. Email Cover Letter Sample With Attached Resume
  2. Email Cover Letter Sample With Resume Included
  3. Sample Cover Letter With Salary History
  4. Sample Cover Letter With Salary Requirement
  5. Sample Email Cover Letter – Summer Job

Prospecting Letters, Referral Letters, and Letters of Interest

  1. Sample Information Request Letter
  2. Letter of Interest Example
  3. Sample Letter of Interest
  4. Letter of Interest / Prospecting Letter
  5. Sample Networking Letter – Requesting a Meeting
  6. Sample Referral Letter
  7. Referral Letter Example
  8. Sample Career Office Referral Cover Letter

Cover Letter Samples – Specific

  1. Cover Letter Example for Academic Advisor
  2. Cover Letter Sample: Administration /Business / General
  3. Cover Letter Sample: Administrative Coordinator
  4. Cover Letter Sample – Arts
  5. Cover Letter Sample – Assistant
  6. Cover Letter Sample – Business / Technical / Referral
  7. Cover Letter Sample: Administration /Business / General
  8. Cover Letter Sample – Career Change
  9. Sample Cover Letter – Career Change / Writing / Marketing
  10. Sample Cover Letter – College Senior
  11. Cover Letter Example – Communications
  12. Cover Letter Example – Communications
  13. Sample Cover Letter – Consultant
  14. Construction Management Cover Letter Example
  15. Sample Cover Letter – Customer Service
  16. Cover Letter Example – Development / Museum Position
  17. Cover Letter Sample – eCommerce
  18. Cover Letter Example – Editorial Position
  19. Cover Letter Sample – Education
  20. Cover Letter Sample – Education / Alternative Education
  21. Cover Letter Sample – Entry-Level
  22. Sample Cover Letter – Entry-Level Finance
  23. Cover Letter Sample – General
  24. Cover Letter Example – Higher Education Communications
  25. Sample Internship Cover Letter
  26. Management Cover Letter Example
  27. Sample Cover Letter – Part-Time Job
  28. Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Example
  29. Sample Cover Letter – Programmer Analyst
  30. Public Relations Cover Letter Example
  31. Sample Cover Letter – Recent College Graduate
  32. Recent College Graduate Sample
  33. Retail Management Cover Letter Example
  34. Sample Research Technician Cover Letter
  35. Sample Scientific Research Cover Letter
  36. Sample Cover Letter Teacher
  37. Cover Letter Teaching Assistant / Tutor
  38. Cover Letter Technical Support / Help Desk
  39. Transferable Skills Cover Letter Example
  40. Sample Cover Letter – Transportation Planning
  41. Sample Cover Letter – Web Content Specialist
  42. Sample Organizer / Administrative Assistant Cover Letter
  43. Writer / Freelance Cover Letter

Cover Letter Samples for Resumes

Now, these well crafted free cover letter samples and formats should help you to craft your own cover letters.

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