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February 16th, 2009
12 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Career in Today’s Fast Paced Business Environment


  1. Keep updating your cv and keep a positive attitude.
  2. Be prepared to keep learning and growing throughout your entire working life. This means being willing to keep an open mind to new methods as well as learning new skills ‘on the job’ to enhance your employability and cv.
  3. Ask for sponsorship or other means of practical help to acquire new skills and knowledge as well as breadth of experience.
  4. Raise your profile by volunteering for task groups, committees and one off projects and initiate your own projects.
  5. Find out what you are passionate about, and let others know what excites you about what you do. Use it to create opportunities for yourself.
  6. Read widely and voraciously and keep informed on employment trends and patterns which prevail in your sector or field.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try something innovative to crack old problems. This may well result in changing others’ perceptions of you and your capabilities as well as you appreciating yourself more fully.
  8. Develop emotional resilience. Look on set backs as opportunities to learn something about the situation or yourself which will be useful to you later on.
  9. Network, keep in touch, and follow up a good conversation afterwards with the individual concerned. You never know where it will lead!
  10. Be professionally visible. Write articles in journals, get press coverage for an event you are involved with, use notice boards, get onto working parties to get your face and name around and outside your organisation. Seek to collaborate not compete.
  11. Work at building your reserves i.e. of energy, cash, & support. Managing ‘peaks’ of high workload will be much easier as a result.
  12. Finally, make self-care a priority. This means getting a good diet, plenty of rest and regularly immersing yourself in what refreshes you. Habits only take 21 days to get established so start today!




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