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February 17th, 2009
Secure Job Interviews, Understand The CV Reviewing Process

 Firstly, it is vital to understand the CV reviewing process and your recruiter’s situation. Let’s break this process down:



  • Recruiters are dealing with 10s of applications per vacancy. 


  • Normally under immense time pressures as working to tight deadlines. 


  • They will make their first decision on your application by only scan reading your CV. 


  • They are initially searching for just a few keywords in your CV. 


  • They will ruthlessly discard CVs that they are finding difficult to navigate through, as their time is precious. 


  • They will not give you the benefit of the doubt. 


  • They don’t know what you are really like & the presentation of your CV will reflect on you & the work they can expect from you.


  CV processing is very tedious for most recruiters, so if you make their life easier they will instantly take a positive attitude towards you. 

Many jobseekers do not realise that the way their CV information is presented, can often be of more value in getting to the next stage of the application process, than the information itself.



Poor presentation can:



  • Hide your most important information from the recruiter.


  • Stop your CV from being read fully.


  • Build a negative impression of you in the mind of the recruiter.


  • Convey to the recruiter that you would produce a poor standard of work.


  • Ultimately, STOP your application from going to the next stage.



Good presentation can:



ü      Attract the recruiter to read the CV the moment your application is received & before other applicants.


ü      Convey that you possess more skills than just what is described in the text of your CV. 


ü      Smoothly guide the recruiter to the relevant areas of your history.


ü      Instantly give the recruiter a positive feel about you.


ü      Ultimately, get you an interview for your perfect job.


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