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According to, if you are considering asking about promotion opportunities at your job, and wondering about the steps to take to ensure that your boss sees you as a valuable employee, this is the post for you. See the dos and don’ts when asking for promotion opportunities at work.

Promotion Discussion

To advance at work, you will need to come up with a realistic plan about how you can best demonstrate your ability to handle more responsibility and handle the challenges of your job. This will enhance your value to the company and better convince your manager that you are worthy of a promotion. Here are some dos and don’ts when asking for promotion opportunities at your job.

Do Seek More Tasks at Work

Before you start asking for a promotion at work, start accepting more tasks at work by asking for them. This not only demonstrates that you know how to handle your time effectively; it also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile for your company. Be careful to only ask for things that are pertinent to the job you have to avoid trying to outdo your immediate colleagues or worse yet, a manager. Once assigned, complete these new tasks consistently and to the best of your ability.

Don’t Expect a Promotion at Your Review

Many employees make the mistake of thinking that they are entitled to some form of promotion at their annual employment review. This is not the case. Most employers will be reviewing the performance of their staff periodically over the course of the year and that means you have multiple opportunities to shine at work. Do your best to demonstrate your commitment to the overall mission of your company and you will improve your chances of getting a promotion when you ask for it.

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