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March 26th, 2010
See These 10 Tips to Fast Track Your Career

Want to fast track your career? See the 10 tips that will help you to succeed at work.

Career Success

To fast track your career:

 1. Know who you are and what you’re made of

Self-awareness is so important when it comes to figuring out what you want to do, what you’re best at, what to pursue and what to avoid. Spend some time on introspection and recruit the help of your partners, managers, friends or family to give you their take on your personal style and quirks. Find confidence in knowing what makes you different and special.

2. Sell yourself like a pro

Always be ready to introduce yourself to anyone with confidence and a great story to tell. Pitching is critical to landing great contacts, jobs, new clients or even dates!

3. Build real expertise If you want to be taken seriously, you need to have the goods.

Until you have some big successes under your belt focus on building your experience and credibility with substance, true expertise and provide real value to those you serve. Not just in the beginning as you get established but throughout your career!

4. Define the ultimate success for you

Creating a vision of your ideal life or scenario, if like having your own north star to follow and guide you. The more clearly and specifically you can define what your dreams and goals look like, however bold they may be, the easier it will be to gradually work your way there.

5. Explore!!!

With of all the opportunity in the world, it’s crazy not to always be sampling what the world has to offer. Every night, weekend, vacation period or other pockets of free time you have, take a taste of new things that interest and intrigue you. A habit like this will constantly open you up to experiences you never imagined for yourself.


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