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April 4th, 2010
See Ways to Find Your Dream Job

Here at Catherine’s Career Corner, we share practical tools, tips, advice, resources, job news and information to help our visitors of all experience to progress in their career. We write articles and we also bring you highly relevant articles, tools and resources put together by experts in the field of career management. So we have brought you these great list of job search articles on ways to find your dream job as shown below from iVillage.

As a job seeker, to find your dream job doesn’t have to be difficult if you know the right things to do and the right place to look. To find your dream job, explore these articles from iVillage.

Finding the perfect job doesn’t have to be difficult. have got all the help, advice and tools you need.

Research, research, research
  1. Find the right career for you
  2. Learn how to do your research
  3. First job? Read our expert advice
  4. Help on going back to work
  5. Visit our Career Shift starter page
  6. Read your astrological career profile
CVs and cover letters
  1. Visit our CV Centre
  2. Our handy guide to power words
  3. What the advert really means
  4. CV dilemmas: should I fudge dates?
  5. Covering letters: your questions answered
Interview advice
  1. 45 ways to ace your interview
  2. 10 key interview tips
  3. What interviewers look for
  4. Can they ask if I’m married?
  5. Do I have to admit I’m pregnant?
  6. How to talk cash

Post-interview follow-up

  1. The etiquette of thank you notes
  2. Learning from the nightmare interview
  3. Get the facts before you commit

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