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These are the Top 100 best blogs for your job search as originally posted on Thursday July 30th , 2009 by Job Profiles. This is a comprehensive list for any job seeker.

Top 100

The economic crisis of recent times has left many out of work and having a hard time finding a new job, even with the skills and experience to make them desirable employees. If you’re struggling in your job search, you can get some advice, information and leads on potential jobs through some of the great career-focused blogs out there. Below are a few helpful places to get a leg up on finding a new job and getting back on your feet.

These are the top 100 best blogs for your job search:

General Job Blogs

These blogs address a number of job-related issues, including improving your resume, networking and finding a new job.

  1. Monster Blog: Through this blog you’ll get a number of job search tools and loads of advice to help you find the kind of work you’re looking for and ease the process.
  2. BostonGlobe Job Blog: Check out this newspaper-based blog to read the latest updates on finding jobs, in the local area and around the world.
  3. Job Hacking: Blogger Dave Hardwick offers his insights into the recruiting process in this blog.
  4. Jibber Jobber Blog: Read articles about what the recession may mean for your job search, tips on using LinkedIn and more on this blog.
  5. Alison Doyle: Visit this blog to read advice and commentary on jobs, careers, work and life.
  6. jobology: This blog, all about jobs, offers inspiration, personal stories and informative articles about searching for jobs and life in the working world.
  7. Here We Are. Now What?: Readers of this blog will find everything from advice for management to personal stories of job hunting.
  8. Employment Blawg: Share your job search experiences and read about the latest work related news with accompanying commentary on this blog.
  9. Job Mob: Written by a number of bloggers, this site has loads of advice, tips and articles to offer to readers searching for jobs.

Job Hunting

Check out these blogs for some assistance during your job search.

  1. Career and Job-Hunting Blog: This Quint Careers blog will keep you up-to-date on job search news and provide professional advice that can help make you more successful.
  2. Job Searching: From hunting for jobs on the international scale to tips on making the perfect resume, you’ll find it all on this blog.
  3. lachmaba: Check out this video blog to learn more about a variety of job search-related topics.
  4. Adventures of the Job Search Ninja: Blogger Todd Bavol shares his thoughts on job searching in this blog.
  5. Job Openings Blog: Here you’ll find all kinds of articles, helping you to find greener work, create a great resume and get the job you want.
  6. Personal Branding Blog: Part of selling yourself to potential employers is creating a personal brand. Learn how to do so on this blog.
  7. Secrets of the Job Hunt: This blog contains loads of news blurbs from around the nation that can help you determine where the kind of jobs you want may be located.
  8. Jobless and Less: This blogger has experience with layoffs having gone through 4 in only 8 years. Get some advice from the trenches from this blog.

Career Advice

These blogs can help give you a little advice on your career, even if you’re in the market for a new one.

  1. Careerealism: This blog comes with the slogan that “every job is temporary,” and offers insights into how to change careers and get back into the working world.
  2. Career Renegade: Focused on working happy, this blog offers tips to help you not only find a job but to find one that you actually want.
  3. Jobacle: Here you’ll find career advice, employment news and links to web resources.
  4. Career Key Blog: Explore the posts on this blog to get some advice on what might be the best career path for you to take.
  5. Career Hub: Offering advice from career experts, this blog can help you learn to deal with the stress of job loss and get on your feet again.
  6. Career Tips Blog: This blog contains short tips on ways you can advance your career and get hired.
  7. Keppie Careers: Here you’ll get advice on career planning, interviewing, job hunting and much more.
  8. Career Rocketeer: From personal branding to dealing with depression, this blog is full of advice for job hunters.

Resume Help

Make sure your resume is representing the best of you it can by using the tips and advice provided by these blogs.

  1. Career Resumes: Learn how to get your resume out there, network better and even make the most of web tools through this blog.
  2. VisualCV Blog: Get some tips on building a great resume, as well as a number of other topics, on this blog.
  3. Career Pier: Focusing on the troubled economy, this blog offers a range of resume and job search advice.
  4. blueskysresumes: Read this blog to get advice on getting and keeping the job you want– starting with your resume.
  5. Resume Edge Blog: Learn how to create a resume that conveys exactly why you should get the job from the experts on this site.
  6. Pongo Resume Blog: On this blog you can get advice on dealing with recruiters, avoiding resume mistakes and staying cool in an interview.
  7. Resume Boutique: Get tips on looking great on paper and in person from this blog.


Those looking for freelance work can make the most of these blogs that are full of information, job leads and help for freelancers of all kinds.

  1. Freelance Folder: This blog is an essential resource for freelancers, offering tons of articles about getting clients, organizing your work and a whole lot more.
  2. Freelance Switch: No matter what kind of freelancing you do you’ll find helpful articles, links and tips here.
  3. All Freelance Work: Learn some ways that you can make yourself more successful in the freelancing field through this blog.
  4. Freelance Zone: This blog focuses on issues specific to freelance writers and bloggers.
  5. ProFreelancing: If you want to go professional as a freelancer or if you already are, check out this blog for some killer tips on finding work and marketing yourself.
  6. Guerilla Freelancing: This blog contains loads of posts that are helpful to freelancers trying to get clients, manage their lives or get their business together.
  7. Seth Godin’s Blog: While it deals with more than freelancing, this blog offers quite a few articles that pertain to marketing, client relations and blogging.

Business News and Information

Help keep yourself abreast of the latest trends, news and issues in the business world through these blogs.

  1. Business Pundit: This blog provides commentary and advice on the working world.
  2. Talking Biz News: Pay this blog a visit to learn where to go to get the best and most useful business reporting.
  3. News and Economics Blog: Like the name implies, this blog focuses on providing stories about the financial markets and the latest news.
  4. All Business Blog Center: From the impact of Twitter on business to the new rules of PR, you’ll get tons of business reading from this site.
  5. Business 360: This CNN blog will keep you in the loop about all things business.

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