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April 7th, 2011
Get Hired! Ace That Job Interview

To get hired, you need to ace that job interview. In order to ace that job interview, you have to plan, prepare and practice. When you take care of these 3Ps, it’s easy to ace any job interview.

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By Catherine Adenle

With all job interviews, the more thorough your preparation, the most likely your chance of being hired.

To ace that job interview, don’t forget the 3P’s and to further prepare, think about the following:

  • Who is going to interview me?
  • What kind of interview is it likely to be?
  • Am I expected to do any tests and, if so, what tests will they be?
  • Is there a job specification or outline, and do I have it?

Most politicians are particularly adept at this method of getting across their predetermined points, and you should cleverly approach the interview with the same objective. You should practise your answers aloud, either to a friend, a colleague, your manager or to a mirror and record your answers.

Thinking about your answer is one thing, but the spoken words is sometimes a different thing altogether. Sometimes, words do not do not always come out as we intend and practice will enable you to sell yourself in a way that is comfortable and natural to you.

For further information, tips and tools on how to ace that job interview and get hired, be sure to view the presentation and Infographic below:

So, how else can you ace that job interview? Let’s hear from you.


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One thought on “Get Hired! Ace That Job Interview

  1. Thank you for yet another career and job search tips presentation. It is timely and full of great tips. Keep up the great work, Catherine.

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