January 31st, 2012
6 Bad Habits in the Workplace

Frankly, we are all capable of committing a social faux pas once in a while, but bad habits are like thick smoke, you can’t cover them up! Unfortunately, some of our bad habits are carried into the office environment and sometimes they can be bad for our us or our career advancement. Now  let us explore 6 bad habits in the workplace exhibited by employees and how to break the bad habits…By Catherine Adenle

What do we mean by bad habits? Well, bad habits are learned behaviours that are repeated often by us. The more often it is repeated the stronger the habit sticks. Over time, it becomes automatic without us knowing. You do it without realizing it. One of the problems about bad habits is that we let them take control of us. You subconsciously think and act without even thinking of the consequences.

These are 6 bad habits in the workplace:

1. Phones: It’s bad habit to always leave your office door open and use your speaker phone. Close your door and do not disturb your colleagues. As well, using a speaker phone at full volume to go through your voice mailbox is the definition of annoying.

If you are in an open office, do not use a speaker phone; instead, book an office for your meetings. It’s also bad habit to always leave your personal mobile phone to ring on loud volume in an open office. Checking your personal phone during a chat with anyone is another bad habit.

As well, don’t pop yourself against someone else’s cubicle, holding a conversation on your personal phone.

2. Complaining: We are bound to have a bad day once in a while at work. In fact, everyone has a bad day every once in a while.  However, if you always think every small problem means a bad day and you spend the rest of the day moaning at anyone and everyone who will listen, not only will you be viewed by your colleagues as a moaner but also as a negative person.

It will have a diminishing effect on your own energy. Negativity feeds on itself. If constant moaning doesn’t wear you down, your boss might start to think you would rather work somewhere else or feel better if you are relieved of your position.

3. Gossiping: We all enjoy a bit of gossip now and then but refrain or keep this to a minimum level. It’s always good to be in the loop of things in an office where wider communication is minimal but if you are perceived as being unable to keep anything confidential then inevitably this will affect your career progression.

If you keep passing on everything you heard about someone, the organization or your colleagues, then, you are asking for trouble.


4. Eating: It’s ok to bring your lunch in and eat in the office but remember not to bring in any smelly food. You really don’t want to stink up the office especially if its winter and the windows aren’t opened. If you have to, then find a separate office or a free area to eat it.

Don’t microwave smelly food in the lunch room either. In addition, if you can’t close your mouth when you chew, you are better off eating where the noise emanating from your mouth isn’t going to irritate anyone. Also, if you have to constantly belch loudly after drinking your can of Coke, find somewhere else to do this.

5. Music: If you are in an office where you are allowed to listen to music while you work, then using your Mp3 player or iPod with a pair of cheap, leaky ear bud plugs is not cool! Why? Those near you might not be fans of your old Spice Girls’ tracks. Not only that, your pirated bass less tin tunes might be disturbing your colleagues sitting near your desk.

It is best to always turn the volume down or ask your colleagues if your ear bud plugs are leaking.

6. Hygiene: This is a major bad habit in the workplace. If you are not a fan of morning showers, baths, shower gels or soap, when you notice that your colleagues are constantly stepping away or moving away from you, it might be time for you to hit the shower hard! People are super polite so they might not tell you outright that you smell. Perhaps you may want to consider visiting the shower daily. In addition, constantly picking your nose in front of everyone is off putting, don’t make it a habit.

If you wear the best and most expensive suit, but have a terrible case of unkempt hair oozing dandruff flakes onto your shoulders or flying everywhere, you’ll give a bad impression. It not a great look either if your shirt is soaking wet in your armpit areas, trust me, people see these things. As crazy as it sounds, everything on the grooming list – smell, clean teeth, facial hair, fingernails, haircuts and oral hygiene do matter.

As professionals, we have to be interested in the bad habit that we need to change. Unless we have an interest to change these bad habits, we would not.

So, think of your own bad habit, then think of alternatives to the bad habit you want to replace. Don’t give up before you start – people who tend to think they will fail usually give up before they are half way through.

Go ahead and change that bad habit as from today!

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Know of another bad habit in the workplace? We are happy to hear from you. Add your comment below.

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  1. Love this post! The wet armpit patches one is so true. One of my staff is a culprit. I nearly presented him with an antiperspirant for Christmas! Other bad habits are: swearing, whistling, singing, humming a tune, farting and chewing gum loudly in the office.

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