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March 7th, 2012
Why Should You Be Hired?

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Want to be hired? Wish you could unlock the secret formula to winning the hearts and minds of hiring employers? Well, securing a new job is incredibly tough these days, especially when employers and managers have plenty of eager job seekers to choose from. So, have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why should I be hired?’

Why Should You Be Hired for the Job


By Catherine Adenle

Why should you be hired? Employers are aware that valuable potential employees are quickly becoming rare. It is a known fact that bringing on a new employee is a risky business for any company if not done properly; it can cause the company to lose money or ruin its credibility. On the other hand, hiring effective, hard-working, and productive employees could cause any business to soar. The unfortunate thing is that employers don’t know what kind of workers they have hired until it is already too late.

Building a high-performance workforce is essential to achieving success and long-term sustainability in business. Suppose you are currently job seeking, why should any employer be interested in you? Why should they risk anything to hire you? What basic character traits do you possess that makes you stand out from the pool of other job seekers?

Before we ask you further questions, why not grab a paper and a pen, then jot down your own list of qualities that you think an employer would want. Then, see our list below to know if they closely match yours.

So, why should you be hired by any employer? Here are the remarkable qualities that will make anyone hire you:

Communication Skills

Do you communicate well? The advantages of good communication cannot be stressed well enough; excellent written and verbal skills are a must for any employer. Knowing how to express yourself clearly and accurately, in writing and in speaking is very important. All employers value good communication skills. When considering why communication is important, the bottom line is – if you’re a good communicator, you’ll have better chances of success. You are able to persuade people, influence others, negotiate effectively and provide valuable feedback.

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Not content with the status quo? Great employees constantly look for creative ways to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Can you think on your feet? How quickly can you adapt to shifting priorities? Can you turn a wall into windows of opportunities and can you do whatever it takes, regardless of your role or position, to get things done? To succeed in any business is to be creative in your role and growth in any business demands creativity. It is what will separate you from the competition.

Due to business competition and the rate of continuous improvement in companies, most employers are after creative employees. They look for employees who come up with creative ways to solve problems. Aim to always think outside the box for your chance of a good job opportunity.Why should you be hired?

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Why should you be hired if you lack professionalism? Are you self aware? Are you aware of the position you hold, your environment and the people within and outside of it? Do you know when to play and when to be serious? Are you aware of when to be relevant or be irreverent and when to conform? Do you know when to challenge and when to back off? Do you know how to always behave in an office environment? Being professional at all times in the workplace is a great skill to have and one that will make you an asset to any company.

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Do you take responsibility for your work, mistakes and actions? Some people get nervous when other people start talking about holding them accountable for their actions and impact. Are you one of these people? If you are, you may have to learn to take responsibility for your actions because all managers hold their employees accountable. After all, managers want to make sure employees are earning their pay.

If you are a sales rep, your manager wants to know how much business you close. Managing yourself by making yourself accountable for how you spend your time and the result you achieve is important. Successful people review their to-do lists each day and at the end of the week. They know what they have accomplished and what they have failed to accomplish. If you are seeking work with any organization especially one who makes it harder for people to follow their natural desire to be accountable for their actions, then, this will be a major strength that will make an employer hire you.

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Flexibility and Adaptability

Can you adapt to the changing conditions at work? Are you flexible enough to work on your assigned work even if it’s not in your job description? Do you have a “tunnel vision” whereby you focus on your job and your job alone? Instead, be aware of the responsibilities of your co-workers and recognize how your duties affect their workload. Are you normally more focused on the content of your own job profile more than what more you can bring to the table? Are you looking to add value and are you willing to get involved with numerous projects, to help and encourage others?

Can you take on new responsibilities and handle change seamlessly? Are you adaptable enough to find creative solutions to difficult problems? It is necessary to adapt to change quickly and easily. Ability to quickly learn new things is a major attribute. Also, the ability to let go, take charge and capitalise on opportunities is a major reason for any employer to hire you.

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Infographic: 20 Ways to be Indispensable at Work

20 Ways to Be Indispensable at Work (Infographic)

Honesty and Integrity

How honest are you? Good employees are honest above all else. I agree that nobody is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes but employees who will hide their mistakes or inflate their competency levels can create problems in their workplace and for their employers as a whole.

Remarkable employees are not afraid to admit that they need more guidance in certain areas or that they are just plain lost when it comes to certain tasks. A good employee takes pride in her work and honestly admits when bringing something new to the table doesn’t quite work out. It is important that you do not “borrow” company supplies, tools, products or personal equipment without your employer’s permission. Just because you use it at work daily doesn’t mean it belongs to you. To top it all, ensure you give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.

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Interpersonal Skills

Do you practice this golden rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated?” No matter how skilled employees are in their specific job roles, interpersonal skills can make or break employees’ value to their employers. The ability to relate to your colleagues, inspire others to participate, and mitigate conflict with co-workers is essential given the amount of time we spend at work each day. Getting along with others, being kind, respectful and being well mannered is imperative. In a team setting, you will stick out like a sore thumb if your interpersonal skills are not good. The best employees are excellent in-person, on the phone and via emails. They will remain calm, respectful and professional in the midst of conflict and arguments.

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Positive Attitude

Do you consider yourself someone with a “positive” attitude? A positive attitude does not always mean “happy”, but it is better to be upbeat at work rather than being angry walking around with a face like thunder! Your attitude in the workplace will project your beliefs and values, and what you think of your job, how you are with your co-workers and boss. Trust me, your attitude will be shown in the quality of your work too. Your colleagues and co-workers will be aware of your attitude at work and they will watch you closely every day – unspoken but true. Your attitude is as important as the work that you produce.

The word, “Positive” also means proactive. Employers value an employee who is cheerful and upbeat with a “can do” attitude. A good sense of humour is also important in the workplace as long as you know when to be humorous. Performing your duties cheerfully is important even when you are having a bad day. Some people are naturally upbeat, positive and easy to be around. On the job, such individuals are usually well-liked by their peers and acquaintances and they get hired as their positive attitude is somehow usually noticed by hiring managers.

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Although, we haven’t covered everything that you need for any employer to be interested in hiring you we have covered the basic skills.

Now, check your jotted list, how well did your list match up?

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The eight hallmarks of valuable employees above will automatically set you apart from the job-seeking crowd and make you stand out for any employer. The key thing is to know how to demonstrate and market the skills on your CV, cover letter and during a job interview. They will increase your value in the job market and will help you to get the job, keep the job and lead. Also, it goes without saying that anyone who possesses these qualities would be an asset to any company! You can also read Be a Superstar Job Seeker.

Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits that you need to succeed in the job market and workplace. They are all elements that you can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over your lifetime. Once you have identified the sought-after skills remember to document them and use them to market yourself for job-search success.

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So, why should you be hired? Let’s hear from you. Add your comment below and feel free to share this post.

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  1. This is one question asked by all potential employers, any job seeker who can craft an answer based on the skills in this article will surely impress the interviewers. Great article BTW.

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