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If you want to get fired, do any of these 6 things. Organizations are squeezed by the sluggish economy and are constantly looking to extract some savings by outsourcing or reducing the number of employees. For this reason, it’s beyond any understanding of why any employee will play right into the firing line. Want to get fired at work? You can fast track it by doing any of these 6 things.

Want to Get Fired? Do These 6 Things


By Catherine Adenle

Want to get fired? Then, do any of these 6 things highlighted in this article. Organizations with tight budgets find themselves struggling to make their products sell, their workforce productive and their business prosper. It’s important more than ever for employees to behave themselves and do the work they are paid to do. However, it’s beyond any understanding why any employee will play right into the firing line as there are millions of people looking for employment opportunities. So, why would anyone with a job jeopardize their opportunity?

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In any case, if you want to get fired, you can fast track it if you do any of these 6 things:

1. ‘Chillaxing’ at work

If your work is where you go to ‘chillax’ (chill and relax) without getting anything done, then without a doubt, you will get fired. If you’d rather have your headphones on, surf the Internet buying and booking holidays online, your days at work may be numbered. Your desk and chair at work should not remind you of ‘chillaxing’ every morning when you get into work. Work is where you go to work for an organization that is paying you for the work you do. If you are not helping your company to grow and not meeting your set objectives, you have no business being at work. You will easily tank your career by being lazy and insubordinate at work.

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2. If it is not bolted down, you will take it from work

Call it borrowing, finders keepers or attach any flowery name to it – at work, taking any equipment or office supplies home with you without asking anyone is stealing. Just because it’s there does not mean it belongs to you. Walking into an open office and taking a laptop that does not belong to you just because it’s not bolted down is stealing. Anything that you will not take in the presence of your colleagues, you must not take when no one is watching. If you do and you are caught, you will be fired.

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3. Fight like a trainee WWE wrestler at work

Want to get fired? Then, fight at work as if you are a trainee wrestler that’s been let loose outside the ring. Any fighting at work will get you sacked! Landing a blow, a slap or a push at work is not cool – not at work, not anywhere, period! Part of being professional at work is learning to remain calm at all times.

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If you are hot-tempered and you get irritated easily and cannot calmly express yourself, you are on your way out. There is no reason for anyone to get abusive or mouthy at work.

4. Your ‘Yolo’ Attitude with your company’s credit card

Your ‘Yolo’ (You Only Live Once) attitude when you use your company’s corporate credit card will get you fired! Your company has provided you with a corporate card for the payment of approved, business-related expenses, most often travel-related expenses and not for your personal indiscriminate use. Using the company’s credit card to treat yourself because you are deluded into thinking that you deserve it after your several years of grafting for them is a no-no. Furnishing your personal apartment or buying a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes with the company’s credit card will get you fired in a jiffy.

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Your corporate credit card is not your personal credit card. Your corporate card is for you to pay for services bought by you for your company.

Want to get fired, do any of these 6 things

5. Get high as a kite

Sniff, inhale, shoot or take drugs at work if you want to be shown the door. If you come into work with both eyes blazing and as high as a kite, you will be on your way out of employment in no time. The possession of any drug paraphernalia at work will also land you in front of the firing squad. If you get blindly drunk during your lunch break or you come into work smelling of alcohol daily, you will surely be answering some ‘why should we not fire you’ questions. If there is a lack of focus, a change in your personal grooming habits or the smell of substance on your breath repeatedly at work, you can be sacked.

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Roll up at work daily smelling of alcohol with an occasional black eye from your head-on collision with the pavement after last night’s drinking binges – in no time, you are well on your way to losing your job. Addictions of any kind will kill any career. Unless you are on medication for an ailment, you shouldn’t need to sniff anything at work before you can deal with your e-mails, manage your workload or function well.

6. Constantly pull a ‘sickey’

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Honestly, most employees pull sickies once in a while. However, if you are part of the Duvet generation who can’t leave the comfort of their beds on a cold working day morning, you may get sacked. If you constantly indulge in ‘pulling sickies’ at least once weekly or monthly especially on a Monday or Friday, you are stirring at the face of joblessness. If you are truly unwell, you have no business on Facebook or Twitter.

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Times are hard economically and jobs are hard to come by, but if that is not enough to deter you from taking extra days away from the office persistently, then you will get fired.

If you don’t want to get fired by doing these 6 things and can remain a tad above half as professional as the day you walked through the door of the organization where you work, you will definitely keep your job.

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What are the other things to do at work if you want to get fired? Let’s hear from you by adding your comments below.

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  1. Funny, ha ha haaaa, YOLO and the ‘chillaxing’ ones are so funny but true. I had a colleague who was sacked for spending the company’s credit card on buying furnishings for his new house. Well, let’s just say that he spending all his time in his furnished apartment without earning an income. To top it, he has to vacate the apartment next month, he cannot afford the rent. I feel sorry for him but then, what an idiot for doing what he did.

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