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October 14th, 2012
30 Craziest Excuses for Skipping Work

Explore 30 craziest excuses for skipping work. Some employees go to extreme lengths to secure time off from work especially on a Monday or Friday. They pick up their phone; call their work or manager to justify why they will not be coming to work. Sometimes, they give ridiculous excuses. These are some of the craziest excuses they give.

30 craziest excuses for skipping work

Written by Catherine Adenle

Know these 30 craziest excuses for skipping work that employees give to their managers. According to a survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one in three UK workers admits having lied to take some time off work mainly because they’re disillusioned with their jobs.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers polled 1,190 people, of which 34% admitted having taken time off under false pretences. While good weather, hangovers, and job hunting are motivations for 12%, 19% and 8% of North-east skiving employees respectively, the majority (46%) claim they are simply bored and depressed at work.

In some cases, these employees go to extreme lengths to secure time off from work especially on Mondays or Fridays. They will pick up the phone; call their work or manager to justify why they will not be coming to work. That’s when one of these 30 craziest excuses for skipping work come out.

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In order to have an idea of some of the craziest excuses given by employees to skip work, I asked 75 people to come up with the craziest excuses that they heard in the past. Needless to say that I was stunned to hear an unbelievable number of excuses out of which I have picked these 30 craziest excuses for skipping work to share with you, our readers:

  1. Visited a friend and can’t get my car out of their garage, it’s stuck.  
  2. A laughable excuse of one of the craziest excuses for skipping work is – I fell off a ladder cleaning my window and I landed on my bottom, so I am sore. I can’t sit down if I come to work.
  3. I won’t be in today. My Goldfish is sick and I need to take it to the vet.
  4. My neighbours locked themselves out; they are in my house so I need to stay with them until the Locksmith gets here.
  5. I won’t be in today because I have a nose bleed. I bled half a bucketful, I feel like ‘am dying. I will see you tomorrow if I am still alive.
  6. I have a personal emergency but I’d rather not discuss it.
  7. I apologise, my alarm didn’t go off. Now, there’s an accident on the way and I have been stuck in traffic for over 20 hours. So, I can’t make into the office today.
  8. Sorry, I can’t make it in today. I have a serious hangover that is making me see double.
  9. I mistakenly ran over my cat and I need to take it to the vet now.
  10. You know it’s my time of the month, I can’t be at work.
  11. The office is too cold and I don’t like working without the heater.
  12. Can’t find my keys, my dog must have swallowed them. We’re going to the vet to get an x-ray now.
  13. You won’t see me today; I need to clear my head.
  14. I don’t have snow tires fitted so I can’t drive through the snow. This is another one of the 30 craziest excuses for skipping work. If public transport is working, there’s no excuse for this. 
  15. My car ran out of petrol on the way to work.
  16. The road to my house is being paved so it’s blocked and I am blocked in. I can’t drive to work.
  17. I have to return a seriously overdue library book so won’t come into work today.
  18. I was pushing my motorbike to a petrol station and I got a stomach hernia so I have to go to the doctors.
  19. My girlfriend poured a mug of coffee on my thighs so I am bandaged up and in pain so can’t come in today.
  20. I won’t be in today, had to turn back because the traffic is bad.
  21. Dropped some boxes on my leg, it hurts. I need to stay off the leg until the swelling goes down. So, I can’t come in.
  22. I need to fix my Grandmother’s wheelchair this morning so don’t expect me at work but I’ll be there tomorrow.
  23. My car just caught fire. It’s still on fire. I’ve got to go; I need to call the fire station!
  24. I am undergoing some spiritual cleansing; my Guru has asked me to remain indoors.
  25. I have to take my minister to the doctor. He is in bad shape.
  26. I’ve got an extended urgent session with my therapist this morning. I think I’m losing my marbles.
  27. My glasses just broke, can’t drive without them so I won’t be at work until they are fixed.
  28. I won’t be coming in today; I ‘don’t have any change left on me for the bus.
  29. Just broke a nail, I’ve got to get it fixed.
  30. I fell out of my loft on top of my pet hamster’s cage. I am in pain and I am depressed because I lost my hamster in the process.

These 30 craziest excuses for skipping work are laughable but to guide against these crazy excuses, especially as employers cannot investigate or verify them, employers introducing or enhancing flexible working arrangements can make a difference in the workplace.

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Can you share any of the craziest excuses for skipping work that you’ve ever heard or given in the past? Add them below and comment on them.

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  1. One is, ‘there was fire and all my clothes got burnt. So, I have nothing to wear to work’. Then, she turned up in one of her old dress after just two days of wearing a couple of new dresses to work.

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