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These are top secrets of how recruiters can find you. The Infographic below contains the top secrets of how recruiters can find you.

How top recruiters can find you

Know the top secrets of how recruiters can find you. If you want to know how hiring managers can find you, there are things that you must do to stand out. The means by which recruiters find a potential employee to fit in a role has undergone a sea of change over the years. To be on the radar of the recruiters so that they can find you as a ‘good fit’ potential employee, it is advised by the job experts that you try out some of the top secrets illustrated in the Infographic below.

The Infographic contains top secrets of how recruiters can find you:

Top Secrets to Make Recruiters Find You

Courtesy of How to Write a CV and Designed by Infographics

There are many other ways as to how hiring managers can find you. In addition to the information on the Infographic, your location is also important because some recruiters set their advanced search to only bring up candidates who are living within a 20-mile radius of their organization. If you live further from a major metropolitan area with various organizations, consider changing your location as this may allow you to be a viable candidate for local jobs.

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Your job title on LinkedIn must be well crafted and smart enough to match the recruiters’ keywords. If your job title is not common, you may consider a fused title, such as Communications and Marketing Supervisor. If you have a multi-dimensional job, you may break it down into parts.

Running your own blog or crafting a brand for yourself online can also improve how hiring managers can find you.

As there are several ways of how recruiters can find you, can share any of the ones that are not mentioned above with us?

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