It’s a fact that interview pressure can still get the best of most people. Lack of preparation and nerves may cause some job seekers to say some of these top 25 most cringe-worthy things to say during a job interview



By Catherine Adenle

We all know that job interviews can be the most stressful part of the recruitment cycle. This is usually so because when you receive an invitation letter for a job interview, in a way, you have already mentally and emotionally invested in the organisation and the position in your head.

Then on the day, you feel nervous, even if you know you’d be perfect for the job. Job interviews are generally stressful by nature. Frankly, none of us like to give up control to others when it comes to something as important as our career. Almost everyone gets interview nerves from one extent to another. Even the interviewers expect us to be a tad nervous!

For some people though, fighting those annoying interview nerves and answering or asking the right questions can be challenging. For some of us, the mere thought of being on the answering end of an interview question makes our nerves run wild beyond a little nervous! It’s a fact that interview pressure can still get the best of most people. However, lack of preparation and nerves may cause job seekers to blurt out any of the top 25 most cringe-worthy things to say at a job interview:

25 Most Cringe-Worthy Things to Say at a Job Interview

1. Can I work from home? I am most productive working from home.
2. I hate my current job so I need to jump ship as soon as possible, that’s why I am here.
3. Who is going to be my manager when I start? I need to know because my former manager was unbelievably incompetent.
4. What’s your sickness policy like and how many days annual leave do I get?
5. Let me just say now that you will regret it if you don’t hire me for this position.
6. Oh, you make cables; I thought you made light bulbs…my bad.
7. I need this position because my landlord has given me a quit notice. I need to pay my rent immediately.
8. How much does this job pay anyway? I need to know.
9. Frankly, as far as I know, I have no weaknesses.
10. Why is this organisation struggling financially, I read that your earnings are down.
11. Do I need to pass a drug test before I am hired for this position?
12. Bloody hell, you are attractive.
13. Hmmmm, my biggest weakness is that I work damn too hard!
14. I could care less if my colleagues don’t get along with me. There is ‘I’ in my team.
15. Stop asking about what I can do for you; now hit me with a list of what you can do for me.
16. I have tried so hard and can’t get a job. This is my last opportunity so you must give me this job.
17. Got fired from my last job because they couldn’t keep up with my pace.
18. I just need a job, any job! So, I must get this one.
19. What is it that you do again? I can’t keep up; I have attended so many interviews in the past one month so I don’t know who does what anymore.
20. Well, that’s a stupid question; even you should know the answer to it.
21. Just holla at me to let me know that the job is mine
22. Do you do background checks? I am toast if you do.
23. What are your YOLO perks in this company?
24. No, I have no questions for you.
25. Let me be upfront about my weakness now, my weakness is I find it impossible to deal with an incompetent manager.

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Now that you have gone through the list of top 25 most cringe-worthy things to say at a job interview, what else can you add? Let’s hear from you.

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  1. Great post. Some of these things things are funny as hell! My favourites are numbers 11, 15, 20, 21 and 23.
    You’ve got to love any job seeker that would say these things but love them enough to not give them the job.

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