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August 25th, 2013
Hate Your Job? 20 Tell-Tale Signs

Do you go to work smiling every day or do you hum your favourite tune as you walk towards your desk at work? Regardless of how you feel about your work, there are ways to tell if you love your job. Just as well, there are tell-tale signs if you hate your job.


By Catherine Adenle

No job is perfect, even the best of jobs have their down days. Sometimes, we all have to do things we don’t like at work. However, if we have more down days than good days, then there is a job satisfaction problem that needs our attention.

Tell-Tale Signs

Here are 20 common ways to know that you hate your job. Put a tick against the ones that are true:

  1. You don’t want to wake up in the morning
  2. You are most happy when you are not at work
  3. Can’t stand your manager and colleagues
  4. Your assignments are like punishment
  5. You postpone things
  6. ‘Whatever’ is your answer to everything at work
  7. You are not a team player
  8. Don’t care about adding value to the organization
  9. You bad mouth the organization
  10. Prefer to surf the net instead of working
  11. Lack of flexibility
  12. Lack of buzz from your work
  13. You don’t think you are learning or progressing
  14. Your work life balance life is non-existent
  15. You love Friday and hate Sunday evening
  16. You are not motivated
  17. You are always clock watching
  18. Work is the last place you want to be during working hours
  19. Customer facing role is like torture
  20. Calling in sick frequently

The more ticks you put against these points, the more you hate your job.

Now can you rank the points in terms of importance for you?  Compare the ones with ticks and the ones without. Do the ticked ones outweigh the un-ticked ones in number and importance?

If so, then you should do some soul-searching about what you really want out of life and whether it is time to look for another job.

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What to do if you hate your job

  • Speak to your manager
  • Try and see the bigger picture
  • Change departments
  • Move on
  • Search for another job
  • Resign gracefully
  • Speak to your mentor
  • Develop relationships at work

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What are other tell-tale signs of a job you hate? Share your comments with us below.

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