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Problems at work? As we spend most of our time at work, wait no more! Now is the time to address the problems so that you can enjoy your work life balance. Explore these top 20 ways to be happy at work. 

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Problems at work? Explore top 20 Ways to be happy at work. Remember, we spend most of our time at work. So, wait no more to deal with problems at work. Now is the time to address the problems so that you can enjoy your work.

Top 20 Ways to Be Happy at Work

By Catherine Adenle

Have a problem at work? Top 20 Ways to be happy at work.

It’s vital that you know the top 20 ways to be happy at work. Why? Well, we spend most of our time at work. So it is not a surprise that if we are unhappy at work, it will keep us awake worrying at night. Fear of another day of stress at work gives countless men and women ulcers each year and it is one of the main causes of depression among adults.

You know what I mean if you struggle to get out of bed to go to work every morning or clock watch when you are at work. If you always spend your night dreading work tomorrow and complaining about your manager, colleagues or work, then, you are one of the people not enjoying their work.

If you have problems at work, it’s time to take actions and deal with all what you can control rather than what you cannot control. Being unhappy and going to a job that you despise every day is no way to live.

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Top 20 ways to be happy at work (Infographic)

20 Ways to be happy at work

Top 20 ways to be happy at work so that you can find greater job satisfaction

1. First, take some time out to truly identify why you hate your job.

2. Is it what you can’t change? If so, then explore a change of job in the same organization, another business unit, team, role etc.

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3. If you cannot change the reason why you have problems at work or hate your job, look for what’s good about your current job. Remember that there is no perfect job. Every job has negatives and positives.

4. Are you the one causing your own work stress without realizing it? If so, don’t take yourself or your job too seriously. You can control your emotional feelings and response to your work. There is more to life than continuous unhappiness. View the problem at work as a teacher. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Problems at work test you and keep you on your professional toes.

5. Always look to utilize your best skills often by volunteering for projects and tasks that will allow you to shine.

6. Know all aspects of your job like the back of your hand and always do your best and keep improving.

7. See if your job can help you to upgrade your knowledge and skill so that you can stay current in your field. Speak to your manager if he or she is not the reason why you don’t enjoy your job.

8. Network like it’s going out of fashion. Try and keep things professional on Social Media websites and watch that you don’t have any bad digital footprints on the web because if you have to change your job, potential employers will Google you.

9. If your problem is another person at work, make friends with the person if it will not make you feel like you are compromising your integrity. Change the way you think about the person. Feel sorry for them and learn to co-exist with them by being professional at all times. Also, keep records of any interactions at work between both of you.

10. Learn to chill out after work and leave your work at work. Perhaps it’s time to enrol in the gym, play golf or learn to garden. Do something that you are passionate about after work. Do your best not to dwell on things after work, learn to move on from the problem.

11. Make friends with positive people at work and after work. Trust me, Attitudes are contagious. It pays you to associate with winners. You need to be positive, upbeat, and hopeful about your career and your future. Have time for your family and for yourself too. Getting a life outside of work is a good way to get along better at work.

12. Connect with SMEs and Industry Leaders on Twitter and Google+ to remain at the forefront of your field. Attend informative Google hangout sessions.

13. Live one day at a time and make the most of each day as it comes at work. Accumulated stress is overwhelming if you think about everything and worry about ongoing issues at once. Do things one step at a time and break down big tasks into bite-size forms – plan, prioritize and execute.

14. Look for two bright role models at work who are two or three steps above you and ask them to be your mentors. They will help you to feel better about the organization, yourself and your job.

15. Look to vary what you get involved in at work. Do projects that will help you to meet other people. This will make your job more interesting and challenging. The projects will also help you to grow and expand your circle of influence.

16. What’s fun to you at work? Can you work with others to do more of the fun stuff especially if it’s related to your work? Do more fun things. The most satisfied staff learns how to bring playfulness into their workplace. Having fun at work is good for you and good for business.

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17. Joke your way through the day. Look for the humour in mistakes and be aware of people’s sense of humour. Learn to laugh with your colleagues and laugh at their jokes and be a team player.

18. Be at your best. When you feel good, things go well. Feel good about yourself, Remember that feeling good is one of the secrets of feeling good about your job. Look after your health; don’t put yourself at risk of developing health problems. Drugs or alcohol will not solve your problem at work; in fact, they’ll compound it if you are caught with either at work.

19. Think of what you are grateful for. Be grateful for your job and for the wonderful people you meet at work. A lot of people meet friends for life at work. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Things change all the time, people move to other jobs, processes and tasks change.

20. If all else fail, look for another job in order to bring some balance into your life. Life is too short to live with the job that you hate for years.

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“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.”
― Heather Schuck,

Going through these top 20 ways to be happy at work should help you to derive solutions to any issues that you may currently see as problems at work.

Remember, only you can change the situation and decide to enjoy your job more.

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