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March 28th, 2014
Video: 10 Proven Ways to Impress Your Boss

Explore this video to know 10 proven ways to impress your boss. At work, just like doing the work that you are paid to do, impressing your boss is also important. It’s a valuable career move for you to impress your boss.

10 Proven Ways to Impress Your Boss

By Catherine Adenle

What are the proven ways to impress your boss? To know the proven ways to impress your boss, see the video embedded in this article. These 10 proven ways demand practice on your part if they are not currently practised by you at work. As your career success is integrally linked with how your boss perceives you, and the impressed boss will remember you when it counts.

For you to get noticed at all by your boss, first, you need to do your job and do a great job of it. Remember, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that ‘extra’. So, be ready to go the extra mile in order to make a difference in your boss’s eyes. But how do you accomplish this task of impressing your boss to gain the appreciation and career growth that you deserve? Well, the truth is, you have to work better, harder and achieve greater results than those around you. By so doing, your boss will notice you because you will stand out from the rest as a high-performing staff.

“Help your boss to accomplish what she needs to do in order to be successful and your efforts will come back to help you in the end,” J.T. O’Donnell (Career Strategist)

You have to be remembered for the right things, such as exceeding your set goals, providing outstanding services or going above and beyond in your organization by coming up with solutions to major challenges. Focus on always doing the best work possible so others, especially your boss remembers your performance.

To impress your boss, first, you need to the job that you are getting paid to do. Then start to practise the ways highlighted in the video below.

Video: 10 Proven Ways to Impress Your Boss

10 Proven Ways to Impress Your Boss

To further explain the 10 proven ways to impress your boss as highlighted in the video, see further clarifications as shown below:

1. Make it your business to know your boss’s objectives and work with him/her to make them happen.
This is one of the most important proven ways to impress your boss. Understand how your job or role helps your boss to achieve success and capitalise on your findings. Do your possible best to support him in order to meet and exceed his set objectives to achieve great results.
2. Keep a positive attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude.
You must know this by now. Bosses like positive and ‘can do’ attitude. There is power and payback in being positive at work.
3. Use your initiative and get things done before you are asked.
A major strategy for getting your boss to respect you is for you never to wait around to be told or guided on what to do.
4. Put in real effort, mediocrity has no place at work.
Go the extra mile! Those that do more than what is required generally stand a better chance of being noticed by their bosses.
5. Be a ‘low maintenance’ ‘high performing’ staff.
In short, don’t be the “problematic one,” in your team. Do not be the one the boss always has to keep an eye on
6. Always recognise your boss in your successes. No man or woman is an island.
Whenever your successes are celebrated at work, be sure to make a point of recognising your boss.
7. Never ever upstage your boss.
No matter how successful or relevant your contributions are at work, never get too pompous or carried away to the point of upstaging your boss.
8. Always make your boss look good, be present to help him succeed.
This is yet another important way of the 10 proven ways to impress your boss. Your boss will appreciate any extra help. Even if your help is not required, your boss would at least know you are willing to assist.
9. Learn new skills and share your knowledge. Become ‘a go-to person’ at work.
Aim to develop more skills. Be like a dry sponge at work; try to soak up work-related knowledge. Be sure to share your knowledge with your colleagues and be known as an expert in a few areas.
10. Don’t blindside your boss.
Be the first one to confess to your boss if you created a problem or made a ghastly mistake.

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Remember, whether you love them or hate them, most employees strive to impress their bosses whenever possible. Why? They have a say in how to break or you’re your career. We are not asking that you bake cookies for your boss or buy him a hamper for Christmas, but when it comes to your work, there’s no limit to what you should do to get your boss impressed.

Now that you have explored 10 proven ways to impress your boss, what else can you add to the list? Let’s hear from you by adding your comments below.

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