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Explore how to cope with job loss via this Infographic. Like many thousands of people, if you have been thrust into a job loss situation that you probably didn’t want to be in, then, you need to know how to cope with job loss.

Cope with job loss


By Catherine Adenle

Finding it hard to cope with job loss? Explore how to cope via this Infographic. For many, losing a job can be a devastating experience. If you find yourself struggling to cope with unwelcome emotions of fear and hopelessness, follow the steps in the infographic below to know how to maintain a positive attitude and cope better with the loss of your job.

The time has come for you to cheer up. What has happened has happened. Dust yourself off, take the bull by the horns and learn how to cope with job loss. Now is when you should start the work that will lead you towards a new beginning. Your situation right now should not determine how you approach your altitude in life. Cheer up, relax and let your ‘aha moment’ be now. Think of performing  ‘Career CPR’ (Cheerful, Positivity, Resuscitation) in your career. All of these three Career CPR things will help you to cope with job loss.

As a guide, follow the steps on the Infographic,  12 Ways to Cope with Job Loss, shown below to enable you to cope with job loss. Overall, maintaining a positive attitude during job loss will help you to secure another job. Regardless of how tough your situation is, it’s absolutely important that you maintain a certain degree of a positive attitude when you lose your job and when you are searching for another job.

Cope with job loss by banishing negativity

Cope with job lossWhen it comes to career development and the uncertainty in the present job market, the media has dominated the job landscape with reports of shifts and unsustainable economic. They bang on about job losses, dire organizational changes and catastrophic unemployment figures. If you feed yourself the negativity of “How am I ever going to find a job when there are other millions of people out of work and looking for jobs?” Then, you are doing yourself no favours. Remember, thousands of people secure jobs every day too. You have the will to determine how well you will position yourself in order to succeed in any job market. Let this change be your transformation opportunity.

The role is made redundant, not you, your skills, experience or achievements

The first step to this is for you to realise that you as a person who possess certain professional skills and who has desirable job experiences haven’t been made redundant. Why? This is because no one can take your skills and achievements away from you. Rather, the post that you occupy in an organization is the one that has been made redundant. These days, laying people off from jobs is part of business as usual in most organizations. What the organization saw in you to recruit you in the first place will be what the next organization will see in you as well. However, you need a new organization to see much more than you can contribute. So, cheer up and be pragmatic about securing another job.

You own how you transition to a new beginning 

Remember, you are the only who can choose which direction you take now. See this change as an opportunity for you to do something better than what you were formally doing. Very few opportunities present themselves like this in life. Paradoxically, while you may not have chosen this job loss situation, it has delivered the opportunity for you to now choose your future direction.

Deal with job loss_Do not permit bad thoughts

This infographic, 12 Ways to Cope with Job Loss, introduces you to several key steps which will help you to use your innate power to walk through this period in order to cope with job loss and achieve incredible success. It also illustrates unique ways to harness and maintain focus on you, control your personal inner calm and your power to achieve success.

While the situation may appear tough and prolonged, try and reach out to that wonderful positive place inside you where no one else has any control over and bring it to the surface and let it radiate through your being while you determine what you will do next to succeed.

While you are trying to cope with job loss, as job search is vital to coping, there will be times when you will get discouraged. It may seem impossible to revive that positive energy level as time goes on. So, meet up with great friends that are your champions and mentors. They can help to bring a good outlook back to your life and keep you going until you get to where you aim to be career-wise.

Infographic: 12 Ways to Cope with Job Loss

12 Ways to Cope with Job Loss

Let us know if there are other ways to cope with job loss. Share your insight with us.

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