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Know how to get an online job of your dreams. Millennials are not only the generation who seeks purposeful jobs but also the ones who want to feel fulfilled as both professionals and individuals. That’s why an online job is an option they’re very inclined to get. Explore how to get an online job of your dream.


Want to know how to get an online job of your dreams? Explore this article to know how to get an online job of your dreams. 

Millennials are not only the generation who seeks purposeful jobs but also the ones who want to feel fulfilled as both professionals and individuals. That’s why an online job is an option they’re very inclined to. Recruiters and hiring managers are also seeing the rise and predict around 55% increase in remote positions within the next 10 years.

  • Find the role that’s perfect for you
  • Create a top-notch resume
  • Send your resume to the right person

Let’s go into the details:

Search for a company you like

What we’ve been used to for too long is go on a job board and search for jobs there. A better and more effective option is to first think about what is the job you’d feel fulfilled with and what companies you like. If it’s an online job you’re after, search for “remote” r “distributed” companies lists. Then, list 3-5 companies and think about what you like about them, why you’d be happy to work for them.

The next step is to check their website and see whether they have any positions available. If there aren’t any, don’t worry! Companies are usually happy to consider a candidate even though they aren’t promoting jobs. The key is to tell them what you could do for them as a new employee – that’s how you’ll catch their attention. It will show that you did your research, you know their product/service, and you’re passionate. It will never stay overlooked.

The next step towards how to get an online job of your dreams is crafting a great resume. Before you start, it’s a good idea to look at other resume examples there are online. But now I’ll walk you through 5 best sections to include on your resume for an online job.

Summary section

The summary section usually sits at the top of your resume. In the very first sentence, you can grab the employer’s attention by outlining skills or anything that shows you’ve been made for an online job they’re offering.

Before you start writing, it’s a good idea to read the job description and think which skills they outline you have. Things like being organized, proactivity, and motivation are usually the ones a remote or online job requires. Make sure this shine not only in your summary section but throughout your whole resume.

For example, to show motivation, explain that you tried their product/service and how that helped you realize this would be the perfect job for you. Also, mention other soft skills that the employer requires. Below is a great summary example from Fairy Good Boss:

Having been involved in remote work my entire career has taught me to value two key traits: honesty and dependability. I’ve chosen to live my life by those traits whether I’m in the office, in a meeting with my teammates, or on the other side of the world.

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Side Projects

The Side Projects section can provide additional information about you as a professional. Especially if you’re a graduate, this section can help you show how you spend your free time and your attitude towards work in general. Tieing at least one of your side project with your passion is the recipe for success.

For example, if you’re really passionate about a healthy lifestyle and your side project was planning social media posts for a brand that produces healthy food, that’s like hitting the bullseye. Also, mention side projects which helped you develop a certain skill or a relationship with an important, well-connected person.

Top Strengths

Another important resume section to include is the top strengths. One mistake that people make when describing their top strengths on a resume over and over again is being vague. This means writing the keyword down, for example, “Great communicator,” and then describing a vague description of this particular strength anyone can find online. The second case is leaving it just like that, as a stand-alone keyword.

What can really make a difference in this particular section is mentioning the situation you used it in. If you believe you’re a great communicator, make sure you explain why by mentioning a real situation you used this particular strength in. This will add huge value to your strengths section and will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Most Proud Of

The Most Proud Of section helps show potential employers your professional as well as personal side. When filling it in, think about the situations in your life that were difficult, or taught you an important lesson. As already mentioned, these don’t necessarily need to be connected to your professional experience, but also a personal one. The rule of a thumb is to keep it balanced.

If you struggle with coming up with answers to “What am I most proud of,” it’s a good idea to ask your friends for help. What do they think makes you special? It might be a manner in which you overcame a situation, or similar.

From “travelling around the world on my own,” to “building a startup.” Everything adds value. Just make sure to be specific when you describe why you’re proud of this.

Experience section

The experience section is something any resume needs to include. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when writing it, especially for an online job.

Firstly, quantify your results. Don’t only mention the responsibilities you had in a job, but mention the real outcomes of your involvement. Whether it’s increasing the revenue by X% or developing an affiliate program which helped increase the acquisition by X%. In both cases also mention how you managed to do it. To formulate each of your bullets, you can use a famous formula from Laszlo Bock: Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z].

Secondly, try to be short and concise. Instead of adding 10 bullets to each of your previous positions, have 3-5 but strong ones. Mention only the most important achievements fro your previous positions. Also, mention is the only experience that’s relevant to the position you’re applying ,. You can leave out the first summer job you had, or the internship where your only job was making coffee and copies.

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The next steps towards success

Now that you have your resume ready, the next step is to get it in front of the right person. Online jobs are all about online communication. It’s best to start with an effective way of communication from the very beginning.

Instead of sending your resume where everybody else is sending it (e.g. by clicking “Apply” in a job board, or [email protected]), try a different approach. Search for the manager of the department you’d like to join. If the company’s small enough (1-50 employees), go ahead and find the CEO on Linkedin or other social media account and reach out to them directly. This way, you’ll stand out from the crowd and will get noticed.

If you don’t get a response within a few days, send them a follow-up email. If you still don’t get a response, try sending it to another team member. Everyone’s busy nowadays and your email can easily get lost in a thread.

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Now that you have all the important information on how to higher your chances of getting an online job, go ahead and try. Let me know how it went in the comments!

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