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Explore these 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for during Covid-19 pandemic. These careers are hot right now as many employers rush to fill vacant positions.

12 Booming Jobs Employers Are Hiring For Right Now

By Catherine Adenle

These are the 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now. COVID-19 has hit the economy pretty hard and unemployment rates have been soaring as more and more businesses close their doors.

One study by the Mental Health Foundation found that 345 of UK adults surveyed and in full-time work were concerned about losing their jobs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Having enough money to get by, health and job security are now sources of anxiety for more than half the adult population – that’s 25 million people.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Some employers are still hiring as demand for certain products and services continues to rise. Here are the 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now. For these 12 roles, employers are looking to quickly fill them during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

Booming jobs employers are hiring for right now:

1. Remote IT Engineers

The first of the 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now is that of a Remote IT Engineer. With so many of us stuck indoors and working from home, our society is becoming more dependent on technology than ever before (and that’s saying something). Due to this reason, Professionals who are capable of working as IT engineers and developers remotely are in high demand as companies strive to keep up with the consumers without breaking social distancing regulations. Safebridge is among the employers hiring in this field and are seeking new staff that can report directly to the Head of IT Operations.

Desirable skills and qualifications for this role include:

  • Fluent English, verbal and written
  • A minimum of three years of experience in the field
  • Experience with virtualization clusters, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Hands-on experience in the management of Windows & Linux OS is a must
  • An undergraduate qualification in IT or a related subject.

You can apply for this role here.

2. Home Carers

With so many elderly people now isolated from the family members that were supporting them and unable to run their own errands, thousands of jobs are becoming available in-home care companies seeking to provide relief to these people and to the NHS. New workers for companies like Cera can start earning income in just 10 days and will be provided with full training and certification.

Applicants need no previous experience to become a professional carer with Cera, but the following skills qualities are preferred:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desire to make a difference in a rewarding career
  • Lives nearby (nationwide positions available)
  • A can-do attitude
  • Compassion, consideration and empathy.

You can apply for this role here.

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3. Customer Service

Another one of the booming jobs employers are hiring for right now is that of customer service. Like them or lump them, the public needs support right now and customer services are picking up the slack. 5,252 customer service jobs are currently being advertised in the UK. Sitel is currently looking for driven and positive individuals willing to work from home. Successful applicants will have access to a desktop or laptop with at least 4GB of RAM and antivirus enabled and will be based in the UK.

You can apply for this role here.

4. Nurses

As you must have expected, this is a crucial one of the jobs employers are hiring for right now. Like many other healthcare professionals, nurses are in high demand right now. At present, there are 4,639 nursing positions listed in the UK. Appoint Group are currently looking for a Senior Staff Nurse/Unit Manager based in Birmingham. The ideal applicant will be an experienced registered nurse (Adult Nurse – RGN, Mental Health Nurse – RMN or Learning Disability Nurse – RNLD). You can apply for this role here.

5. Transport

While the majority of the population have been asked to stay at home during the pandemic, transport is still needed to get essential workers to and from work. On top of this, drivers are also needed to transport patients to and from the hospital. Private ambulance company Ambicorp Ltd is currently hiring Patient Transport Crew Members around the UK. Successful applicants will have a good work ethic and compassion and will be contactable at all times of the day. Communication skills are also vital. You can apply for this role here.


6. Warehouse Assistants

Do you use online shopping as a coping mechanism? With 2,744 warehouse assistant positions now available in the UK, it seems many of us do. This as one of the booming jobs employers are hiring for right now is fast-paced. Employers are looking to hire right away. The Range is currently looking to appoint a part-time Warehouse Assistant in Staffordshire to assist their Warehouse Supervisor in ensuring that the whole goods in/out procedure run in accordance with company procedures. You can apply for this role here.

12 booming Jobs Employers Are Hiring for Right Now


7. Administration

Administrative activities can often be done remotely, so it’s no surprise that this is another one of the 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now. Companies are feeling no need to go without administrative staff. 1,728 administrative roles are currently available in the UK. One of these roles is with Future Care Group in Dorchester, who are looking for a new Care Home Administration Manager. Successful applicants will have…

  • Good written and verbal English skills
  • At least one year of experience in the field
  • Ability to work with elderly people
  • Good communication & interpersonal skills
  • A high level of education.

You can apply for this role here.

8. Cleaners

During this pandemic period, hygiene is of the utmost importance in a national health crisis, which might be why there are currently 1,724 new jobs available for cleaners in the UK. Cleaning services like Rapid Clean are expanding their operations by recruiting new Cleaning Operatives willing to deliver a thorough, reliable and high-quality service to clients. You can apply to join the Rapid Clean team here.

9. Delivery Drivers

You guessed it, this is one of the 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now. Like warehouse assistants, delivery drivers are currently in high demand as a direct result of the nation’s changing online shopping habits. There are currently 1,508 delivery driver roles available in the UK.

10. Childcare

With emergency workers and essential staff working longer hours and schools still on lockdown, childcare workers are vital in making sure working parents are still able to get out and keep the country alive. 1,375 new childcare positions have been posted by companies like RAFA Kidz, who are looking for applicants with stamina, patience, creativity and imagination. You can apply for this role here.

11. Teachers

School may be out, but the kids still need to learn! 969 new teaching positions have been released to help the families of essential workers who are unable to home-educate their children. Qualified teachers can find a wealth of vacancies through sites like eTeach and Gov.UK.

12. Doctors

This a key one of the 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now. It will come as no surprise that doctors are in high demand right now. More and more people are getting sick, but fewer doctors are available as healthcare workers are continually infected by their own patients. Across the UK, healthcare students are graduating early to keep up with the demand, and 780 new openings for doctors have been made available.

It may feel like a strange time to start looking for a new job, but if you’re lucky enough to be qualified in one of these in-demand fields, it’s actually a great time to look into new opportunities. Whether you choose to look for a new job now or not, make sure you stay safe and look after yourself so you can live to work another day.

Now that you have explored these 12 booming jobs employers are hiring for right now, which other jobs can you add? Let us know, leave your comments below.

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