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August 3rd, 2020
8 Recession-Proof Job Roles

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Explore these 8 recession-proof job roles. The world is topsy turvy in many ways these days and as we face uncertainty in the dawning of a new day, our chosen careers can quickly come under fire. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other key technologies are also changing the future of work. Let’s see the 8 recession-proof job roles.


8 recession Proof Job Roles


By Catherine Adenle

Explore these 8 recession-proof job roles. Various things will change the future of work, but these 8 recession-proof job roles will continue to be sought-after by employers. Job security is on shaky ground in today’s world and the growing unemployment percentages have led some to alter their chosen career path for more stability. Regardless of what’s happening in the world, some jobs will continue to be in high demand in various industries. We cannot explore the 8 most recession-proof job roles without focusing on Tech roles. Why? Well, tech jobs have experienced rapid growth in the past few years especially in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Cyber Security, Data and Robotics. Same is also true of healthcare and law enforcement roles. Whether you like to work with people or enjoy problem-solving, you will always find a job in any of these high demand industries. During these uncertain times, certain careers are simply recession-proof.

Here are the 8 most recession-proof job roles available to you today.

  1. Law Enforcement – Crime Scene Investigator

    Beat cops and even dispatch officers can suffer from budget cuts and lost hours on the job, but crime scene investigators are ill-affected by any economic downturn. Crime is a part of the world and is going to occur no matter how far we come as a society. Crime scene investigators are crucial to determining who did the crime and finding evidence to back it up in court. These days, crime scene investigators have seen a resurgence in interest in the field with a 30% growth rate since 2016.

  2. Medical Personnel – Doctor, Anesthesiologist, Nurses

    A key one of the 8 most recession-proof job roles is that of Medical Personnel. Medical Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Nurses and others are in key medical fields will always be sought-after. As we have learned in recent months because of Covid-19, this medical personnel are essential workers. These individuals put their lives on the line daily and no matter how bad the economy becomes, their jobs will largely remain secure. Nurses have an additional advantage as well. They can continue their education and continually work to enhance their careers with seemingly endless avenues of expertise to explore.

  3. Energy Experts

    During a recession, renewable energy engineers will always be in demand. Today, as fossils fuels become more expensive and harder to find, renewable energy will become cheaper as technology improves and the equipment is made on a larger scale. The world, various businesses and average people have begun to scale back their use of certain energy, utilities and items. Energy use is one of the areas that people will cut costs wherever they can. Energy experts have this area secured as they will always be in demand. Humans today are looking for ways to have a more positive impact on the world around them and energy conservation is a huge field.

  4. Social Workers

    At a time where we should all be pulling together to ensure the safety of everyone, unfortunately, some tend to get more violent to others around them. This is not a comfortable thing to look at during a time of crisis, but domestic violence and abuse cases have a history of rising especially during a crisis and recessions. Social Workers are instrumental during domestic abuse allegations and are truly essential. There are two main types of Social Workers: direct-service Social Workers – they help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives, and clinical Social Workers, who diagnose and treat mental, behavioural, and emotional issues. A social worker can work in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, schools, hospitals, and private practices. So, social workers work through recessions and pandemics.

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  5. IT Tech – Data Scientist, Cyber Security Engineer, AI Architect, Software and Hardware Engineer, Cloud Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst

    Another most sought-after role of these 8 most recession-proof job roles is Tech related. One would think that IT would be one of the first things to be let go of during a recession, but in reality, if a company lays off its IT department, there is no one left to service computers and ultimately continue the business. An IT team is likely one of the very last departments that will be let go during a recession. IT careers are also highly versatile from performing customer service remotely to going to a facility and physically working on the machines. There is no ceiling for IT techs these days as they are vital parts of our digital-based infrastructure.

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Infographic: 8 Recession-Proof Job Roles by Catherine Adenle

8 Recession-Proof Job Roles

6. Veterinarians

Pets are no longer just pets. They have become an important part of our families and their healthcare needs are just as important as everyone else in the family. Veterinarians will sometimes diminish their staff or hours during a recession to account for some lost revenue, but the actual veterinarian will never truly shut down. Many vets will simply move to primarily servicing emergency needs for their animal clients, so even during a recession, you will be able to find a quality veterinarian for your fur baby.

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7. Fire Fighters

If you are looking for a career that is always in demand, no matter what is going on, look no further than the firefighters. These brave men and women literally walk through fire to save people and just because a recession hits, does not cause fires to be automatically extinguished. Firefighters must be available to fight electrical fires, arson fires, and even wildfires from lightning strikes in dry areas. There is no limit to the need for quality firefighters, especially during a recession.

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8. Funeral Directors

Unfortunately, another one of the 8 most recession-proof job roles is that of Funeral Directors. Regardless of pandemics and recessions, people will die at some point and funeral directors are ready and willing to make deceased clients look their best before going to their final resting place. Although most deaths occur of natural causes, there is an unfortunate side effect of recessions as well. Unfortunately, suicide rates tend to rise during a recession as some people become unsure about what the future holds and fail to see how things could possibly improve for them.

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These are certainly uncertain times we are living in and if you have recently lost a job or are simply looking for a more stable career choice, these recession-proof roles could be right for you. We all have to take care of our families and when a recession hits, the monthly bills do not stop, so take some time and evaluate your current career. Is it recession-proof?

Now that you have explored these 8 most recession-proof job roles, which other roles can you add? Let us hear from you. Leave your comments below.

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