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Know how to say no to non-promotable work. Doing more of these non-promotable work may be hurt your career in the long run. Know why you should say no to this type of work in the workplace.


Non Promotable Work: Is Doing More Hurting Your Career


By  Briana Marvell

We all know that our job duties aren’t so black and white. Someone has to take out the trash, plan happy hours, and remember everyone’s birthday. Most volunteer for these jobs thinking they’re being a team player and it’s certainly appreciated, you’re given a “thank you” here and there, but this extra work goes relatively unnoticed. It’s why we call it non-promotable work.

These roles can be as simple as tidying up the office, or as extensive as volunteering for company committees and industry associations. Depending on your job’s culture, this usually isn’t super valuable and instead detracts from your regular job commitments. Even if you’re hitting all of your marks, you’re competing against others who have dedicated these extra hours to improved client communication, extra sales, and detailed analysis that builds a clear, quantifiable return for the company.

If you’re looking to advance your career, it’s best to skip non-promotable commitments for self-investment opportunities. Attend workshops and classes to level-up your skills, analyze industry trends for thoughtful and precise recommendations and reports, and find opportunities to mingle with high-level executives and upper management will serve you better in the long run.

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Saying “no” may be hard at first, but it’s a long-term investment in your future. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a direct “no.” Take this as an opportunity to show some leadership and suggest a rotation of chores instead—it’s only fair that everyone pitch in. Learn more about non-promotable work and how it can impact your career below.

Infographic: How much Are You Losing By Doing Non-Promotable Work?

Non-promotable work

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