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December 21st, 2008
Sites With Great Downloads And Resources

These are sites for FREE content and FREE downloads – we hope that you’ll like them. – Learn the chords to your favourite riffs.  Better than any guitar software I’ve bought – and that’s quite a few! – digitise your LP’s, do some mixing, prepare an MP3 presentation and all for FREE – Clear your hard drive by removing duplicate files – Like iTunes but half the cost and totally legal – Shrink your films to play on your MP4 player or PDA – FREE Avira AntiVirus that is one of the most effective antivirus tools on the market and 100% free – Read classic novels on your PDA for free! Over 20,000 books available. – I’m sure you’ve been here before.  Scary how you can see that my lawn needs cutting, although I don’t remember ever owning that car! – want to edit photos, create a website use a really good piece of DTP software – look no further.  You need to register by ‘phone and they will ring you every quarter to try and get you to upgrade but their stuff is good for the money. – About 30 days a year you get a real cracker here – a 100% FREE piece of fully licensed software.  Sign up to their free mail list.  I regularly use a dozen pieces of software from GOTD. – as above but a free game each day. – If you’ve ever wondered……… – Sounds boring but if you’ve lost your instruction manual then look no further.  |You can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll have it here. – FREE and incredibly easy to use image editor and viewer. – Have you written a paperback that you want professionally bound and published then this’ll make you want to shout!  For a hundred copies it works out about a fiver a copy for a 100 page paperback – plot your jogging route on a Google map to share with mates or just to see exactly how far you do run (my regulat what I thought was 5 miles was only 3.5 miles!) – Great HTML editor that is simple to use and WYSIWYG – Lose yourself for a couple of hours pretending that your ten again! – Download the FREE Googlepack including the sensational StarOffice Suite – a genuine rival to MS office FOR FREE.  The PowerPoint equivalent is excellent and useful to all those that have only got the cheap version of MS Office for Business! – If you like music, you’ll love this.  Put in your favourite artists and songs and it’ll return similar artists that you’ll like.  Most you won’t have heard of before but freakily it really works – I’ve discovered some great bands!  Also it’ll play the results as Internet  radio tailored to your taste.  I discovered this at 10 PM and was still up at 4 AM! – Type in your postcode and it’ll detail your local MP, what they’ve been up to recently and their expenses account.  All of the contact details are here also so that you can make your point directly. – Need to do something unusual and don’t have the software then look for shareware and freeware with this online legend – Learn what your kids really are saying! – You probably know it already but this phenomenal encyclopaedia is still worth a mention – Always have a handy thesaurus and dictionary at your side – and for FREE – Got a large file or folder that you want to send to your mate?  Use Yousendit to send upto 100MB files for free. – free office suite that’s based online and integrates with MS Office.  If you’ve only got MS Works and want something a bit more slick and useful give it a go!

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