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Want to impress at work? Grab this: Free PDF Download, a Guide on How to Get Noticed at Work. Explore the A-Z ways of how to shine at work through the content of the PDF.

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By Catherine Adenle

Free PDF Download: Guide on How to Get Noticed at Work

Having a guide of how to get noticed at work cannot be ignored by you as an employee in a big organization. Many of your peers may believe that self-promotion is not a good thing. However, self-promotion with substance to back it up gives you a leg-up. You mustn’t wait to get discovered as there are others also waiting in the corridors. While others may think that getting discovered is a  more organic process,   self-promotion when done properly will allow you to move up faster.

In a competitive global business environment, it is vital to be aware of a guide on how to get noticed at work. Few might agree that climbing the career ladder can sometimes be an unfair pursuit. Why? Well, some employees have the luck for picking up accolades, acknowledgements, promotions and pay rises simply by showing up at work and talking a great game, while others seem to work themselves to the bones and still miss out on promotion despite slaving away for years.

There are other rewarding things to do than staying back late, keeping your nose to the grindstone and doing a good job. These doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to fast track your way to the top. Let’s face it, you might have incredible attributes and skills, but if you have a hopeless manager or if you belong to a team full of non-engaged peers, you may struggle to make a head way at work. It is easy to be invisible when it comes to promotion if you quietly sit in a corner and spin the wheel of daily work.

Using the guide on how to get noticed at work, plan wisely to ensure that you get noticed for the right reasons. Sucking up shamelessly to senior management and taking credit for other people’s work will not get you noticed for the right reasons. Doing what you are suppose to do and doing it well is the skill that you have to master first. You need to put some time into distinguishing yourself from the pack. This is the only way for your manager to learn about the value you add, your name and the skills you have. This will also make your manager aware of how important you are to the team and company. In this age of excessive competitiveness, your professional success not only depends on your work but is also affected by how you present your work and yourself. Irrespective of your profession, every workplace has its style and culture, it is important to fit in.

Via the tips in this Free PDF Download: Guide on How to Get Noticed at Work, you can actively prepare to sell your skills, knowledge and highlight the value you add when the opportunity presents itself.You need the confidence to showcase your attributes and let them also speak on your behalf. You can do this by learning the A-Z ways in this Free PDF Download: Guide on How to Get Noticed at Work.

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The main way and the key to mastering this guide on how to get noticed at work is for you to figure out your manager’s biggest challenge and help him or her solve it. Don’t be afraid to tackle any tough work, look to earn a reputation for getting things done well and on time. The combination of these with the content of the guide will open doors for you and get you noticed.

To further help with the guide on how to get noticed at work is the Infographic below on how to get promoted:

Guide on How to Get Noticed at Work

Now that you have explored the guide on how to get noticed at work, what else can you add? Leave your comments below.

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