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Explore the key things to look for in a new job amid Covid-19. The current state of affairs has changed most aspects of everyday life. One of the most notable changes being how the modern workplace operates. When looking for a new job, it is important to pay attention to these key things to look for in a new job.

Key Things to Look for In a New Job During COVID


By Catherine Adenle

These are the key things to look for in a new job amid Covid-19. Whatever the reason may be for looking for a new job, it is important to understand that there have been changes in the traditional working environment. This means that the benefits and opportunities to look for in a potential company should also reflect this change. Here are a few key things to look for when searching for a new job during the pandemic.

Flexible scheduling

With the rapidly changing landscape of the modern workplace, it is important to look for an organization that promotes flexibility. With an uncertain future ahead and many unknowns relating to transportation, childcare and personal health status, working for a company that is accommodating is important. Keep this in mind during your job search as we approach the fall season where there is a potential for a second wave.

Before the pandemic, certain companies started to shift their mentality to prioritize work/life balance because it is shown to result in happier employees and more productivity overall. When a company values work/life balance, it shows that they are more goal-oriented rather than being strictly focused on the amount of time an employee is working for.

Whether it’s flexible scheduling options or full or partial remote work, given the current climate, it is important to have this adaptability supported by your employer. It can reduce your stress and alleviate the pressure of fixed work hours, allowing you to be able to finish your work at a convenient time throughout the day. Be sure to inquire about the ways the company has adjusted its workplace to the current landscape to give you a better idea of how adaptable they are during times of adversity.

Company culture

While there isn’t a definitive way to determine the company’s culture or atmosphere when interviewing for a position, there are certain questions to ask and areas to look for that can help you better understand their values and decide if they align with yours.

Before the pandemic, some workplaces would offer certain in-office perks such as catered Friday lunches, a pet-friendly atmosphere, or relaxation spaces throughout the building. Outside of the office, they might offer team building events, gym memberships, and certain corporate discounts. Check to see how the company is upholding their culture amid the COVID-19 pandemic when it might not be possible to be in the office as often. Ask if they have made any changes or provided new offerings to employees during this time.

Sometimes companies will feature information about their culture on their website, or you can always check out their social media profiles, as well as Glassdoor reviews to get an inside look of what it is like working for the organization on a day-to-day basis.

Infographic: Key Things to Look for In a New Job During COVID-19 by Catherine Adenle

7 Key Things to Look for In a New Job During COVID19

Benefits package

It is important to consider the benefits package offered at a potential company when looking for a new job. Sometimes a strong benefits package can make up for a lower salary—especially during the current health crisis. Having a full understanding of what is offered at the organization when searching for a new job is especially crucial during this time.

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Here are a few examples of the main benefits to look for:

Health insurance

While it is common practice to be offered health insurance as part of your benefits package, amid COVID-19, understanding the type of coverage options and the associated cost is extremely important. For example, some companies will offer different tiers of insurance options to choose from. You might be able to choose between a policy that has a higher deductible but a lower monthly cost or a lower deductible but a higher premium.

Additionally, you may want to ask what the waiting period is to obtain coverage so you can plan accordingly. During the pandemic, having adequate health insurance will provide you with added peace of mind.

Life insurance

Employer-sponsored life insurance is not a guaranteed benefit at every company but is offered at some organizations in the form of a set policy that is guaranteed during the time that you are employed at the organization. The policy might be free or there could be a very small amount taken from your paycheck. This is a benefit that is often overlooked but provides an added safeguard for you and your family in an unanticipated event.

The sole purpose of a life insurance policy is to act as an income replacement if you were to pass away unexpectedly. This is especially important if you have a family that relies on your income to make payments on debts and obligations you may have. It is recommended to have about seven to ten times your annual income to provide adequate coverage for dependents. Most policies offered through an employer do not provide enough coverage so it could be beneficial to research supplemental term life insurance policy options as well. Especially during these unprecedented times, having the appropriate financial backing to support you and your loved ones should anything unexpected happen is invaluable.

Disability insurance

Not all companies offer disability insurance but some do to attract and retain new talent, so it’s a great additional benefit to look for when searching for a new company. Disability insurance acts as an income replacement or job protection if you were to temporarily or permanently be injured from an accident or illness and unable to work. Some companies will offer either long-term, short-term disability, or both as part of their benefits package.  Remember to check with the human resources department to determine if and when these benefits are available to you after your potential start date.

Upward mobility

Having not only the opportunity but the encouragement to move up in your company is something to look for when searching for a new job. Asking questions about the potential for advancement during the interview phase can give you a better idea of the company’s values and the way they prioritize career growth and advancement opportunities for employees.

It is important to find out if they have regular training sessions, mentorship opportunities, or performance reviews for current employees. This is beneficial for your growth as well as the company because it shows that they are looking to invest in the long-term goals of their employees.

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Review sites such as Glassdoor and Comparably will let you have access to employees’ reviews of their employers’ offerings.

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What to Expect When Looking for a Job During Coronavirus | Finding a Job in a Pandemic

As you’re searching for a new position, remember that you are also interviewing the company during the recruitment process. It is reasonable that your needs as an employee have shifted due to the pandemic (as most aspects of everyday life have changed), so make sure that the job you are looking for is beneficial for you as well. Be diligent about doing your research and asking the right questions to ensure that you find the best place to leverage your talents as an employee.

Now that you explored the key things to look for in a new job during COVID-19, what else can you add? Let us hear from you by leaving your comment below.


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