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Explore 7 effective ways to combat work stress. Knowing how to combat work stress will help you to operate under manageable levels of stress so that you are happier and more positive at work. These tips will help you to maintain a robust and strong, healthy workplace culture that’s conducive to creativity and productivity.

Effective ways to deal with work stress


Ideally, humans work to better themselves in all aspects of life i.e. socially, economically and mentally. Unfortunately, more often than not, this does not happen and instead of working causes more harm than good. A stressful and toxic workplace puts workers at the risk of suffering mental illnesses such as depression and physical diseases such as high blood pressure and heart diseases.

There are many factors that can lead to stress at work which include:

  • Bulky workload. Too much work within a workday forces workers to overwork, sometimes extend the workday deep into the night, and most times to not meet deadlines. Work piles up beyond manageable levels and that causes unwanted stress.
  • Micromanagement by the seniors. Bosses breathing down a worker’s neck can stir up fear of whether or not they really trust the worker, or they are setting him up to fail.
  • Fear of being laid-off. The agony that comes with the uncertainty of a worker’s future in their current job, and the financial implications thereof, can greatly affect their mental health.
  • Poor working relationships, especially when coworkers or the employer are abusive.
  • Poor physical working conditions- You feel uncomfortable when the workplace is too cold, too hot, too noisy, or ever dusty to be comfortable.

The good news is most of the factors that can lead to stress at work can be averted. Here are 7 effective tips to help you combat work stress:

  1. Good eating habits

It is advisable to eat enough fruits and veggies on a daily basis, avoid fatty foods, keep off added sugar, and avoid too much alcohol.  Don’t skip breakfast as that can cause very low moods and migraines later in the day. Sticking to a healthy diet helps you maintain optimal energy and productivity levels at the workplace, so you don’t get overwhelmed by piling tasks. A balanced diet also reduces the risk of getting diseases such as diabetes, minimizing the number of sick days and consequently boosting your productivity.

As an employer, support your employees to adopt healthy eating habits by installing a kitchen in the office. If you already have an office kitchen, invest in kitchen remodelling to ensure that the kitchen is functional enough for employees to warm their lunch, or prepare coffee during breaks. Providing healthy snacks could also help to keep them energized and happy.

  1. Good sleeping habit

Adult humans need about 7 hours of peaceful sleep per day. Not getting enough sleep can lower your immunity, placing you at the risk of getting diseases such as diabetes. It can also precipitate drowsiness, poor concentration, poor memory, anxiety, stress and depression. Avoid bringing work home so that you don’t sleep too late. Also, avoid social media and digital addiction at all costs because those can really eat up your night time.

  1. Exercise regularly

In addition to keeping fit physically, regular exercise is helpful in that it reduces the risk of getting diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke. It also improves your moods, promotes better sleep, and keeps you energized at all times. If you live not too far from the office, biking, running, or walking to or from work can be a good form of exercise.

For employers, creating a small gym at the workplace can go a long way in combating workplace stress for your workers. Organizing regular sports days would also be helpful.

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  1. Know when to talk

When you feel so low and stressed about work or other issues of life, you can talk it out with a trusted colleague. A problem shared is half solved. As an employer, you can hire a professional counsellor who your employees can turn to for guidance and counselling.

Infographic: 7 Effective Ways to Deal with Work Stress

7 Effective Ways to Deal With Work Stress

  1. Organize your work beforehand

Prioritizing your duties and doing them in an orderly manner can greatly help you beat deadlines with ease. You know, to not get overwhelmed. Decide what is most important to accomplish in a certain day and do your level best.

For employers, giving room for delegation of duties can help your employees plan their work and execute their mandate more efficiently.

  1. Avoid multitasking

Performing two duties at a go can be exhausting and draining to your brain. Most likely, you end up not doing any of the tasks right. That leaves you disappointed and feeling annoyed with yourself, and that can harm your social life in the workplace.

Note that employees are mostly multi-task when the company is understaffed. As an employer, employ enough workers who can comfortably help you achieve your business goals.

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  1. Create a comfortable working environment

Having to sit in a very cold or very hot room for the better part of your day can be traumatizing. It can also cause diseases such as flu and pneumonia. The same goes for dusty or noisy workstations. Ensure your workstation is clean at all times. Organize any files on it and your pens/pencils in a way that they are easy to find when you need them.

For an employer, always make sure the air conditioner is in perfect condition.  Get office furniture that is comfortable for your employees- not too high tables or squeezed chairs or too high shelves.  Also, you can get some indoor plants for example peace lilies and weeping fig for the office. Plants are not only for decorations. They also purify the air and help in noise reduction.


Working should make your life happier and comfortable but not the other way around where you sacrifice your comfort for work. It should make you grow and glow. You should always look forward to a beautiful day at your workplace. With these and many more ways, you can be able to keep off from work stress.

This article is written by Amelia Frank.

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