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Explore the ultimate guide to accepting a job offer. Knowing what you want and asking the right questions will help you to accept a job offer. This post highlights the ultimate six steps required to accept a job offer.

The ultimate guide to accepting a job offer

As the job market recovers from a year of layoffs, unemployment and work-from-home situations, there is a need for guidance on what to do when confronted with a job offer. During the application process — especially if you’re fresh out of college or in need of a job — employer names and descriptions can easily become a blur. Once the job offer finally comes through, however, it’s time to focus and plan the next steps.

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What to Do When You Receive a Job Offer

After multiple rounds of interviews and countless back-and-forth emails, an offer finally lands in your inbox. Congratulations! So, what now? Here’s what to do when you’re ready to accept the offer:

1. Review the terms and ask questions. Don’t take the information for granted and realize three months in that you didn’t read the fine print. Make sure all the terms, perks, and benefits are understood and fair before sending a written acceptance.

2. Write an acceptance letter. Whether it’s by email or snail mail, penning a letter to thank the interviewer is important to show confirmation of the final offer details. Finalize the offer and show your professionalism and appreciation for the opportunity.

3. Notify any current bosses. If you’re currently employed, make sure you give yourself enough time between jobs. Once the appropriate people are notified, submit a formal resignation letter to announce your departure with a specific end date.

4. Let other contenders know. If you were in the interview process with other employers, let them know about withdrawing your application. It’s good form to be amicable with others, expressing thanks for their consideration and time.

Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Accepting a Job Offer

Your Guide to Accepting a Job Offer

Infographic Provided by Advanced Resources

5. Nurture the network. It’s a good idea to add co-workers as LinkedIn connections and keep in touch, so you can expand and cultivate a network of professionals. Down the road, you might need their help or want to reconnect.

6. Leave on a good note. Make sure your desk is clean and the team is in good standing before you leave. Don’t coast through the last few weeks. Finish the job strong and try to make the most of the remaining time before you start a new adventure.

Before updating work statuses on social media and tossing your resume, make sure the job is a good fit. Do your research, get to know the team, and give yourself time to settle into the company. After all, this could be the place you build your career.

For more information about job hunting — including interview and negotiation tips and a checklist for job seekers — take a look at our resource.

Author Bio: Sara Drake is Director of Marketing for Advanced Resources, a talent solutions organization headquartered in Chicago. Drake, who has 15 years of experience in the industry, focuses on talent solutions through staffing, consulting and workforce solutions.


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