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March 1st, 2009
See the List of Our Most Active Posts and the Number of Clicks

 Thank you for visiting, reading and contributing to our weblog. It means a lot to us, to have such a number of engaged and interested visitors from all over the world. It is especially delightful when we hear back from you that our articles and information have been a wealth of useful tips in one way or the other.

We are tickled pink-’n’-green that we had the top blog viewed by 5,173 people in just one week last month. For a relatively young blog like ours, to have had as many hits in a week, we are thrilled! Please find the list of our top most active posts and clicks below:
..22 Popular Job Interview Questions and Answers 2,026 clicks

66 Free Cover Letter Samples/Formats 768 clicks

Free Job Based CV Templates 279 clicks

Templates for Skill Based CV 264 clicks

Top 10 Jobs of 2009 236 clicks

20 Relatively Well-Paid Jobs That Most People Overlook In America And Why 215 clicks

View Free Sample CV Templates 200 clicks

19 Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude during Job Search in 2009 175 clicks

Searching for a Job in this tough climate? See these 10 tips 105 clicks


Templates for Skill Based CV 28 clicks

View Free Sample CV Templates 27 clicks myspace graphic comments

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