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July 2nd, 2009
6 YouTube Videos of Interest

Common Craft “Plain English” Series

Rather than point to a list of suppliers on a certain topic, this month LC is recommending that readers download Common Craft’s educational videos on YouTube. Common Craft produces a series of short online videos (average length is 3 minutes) to explain current technology in an accessible and entertaining way. Their “Plain English” videos are an excellent way to easily point colleagues, family, and friends at concise descriptions of technical advances, such as social networking tools, blogs, and RSS. And because they’re on YouTube, they’re free.

Here are a number of videos that are likely to be of interest:commoncraft

  1. Video: Twitter in Plain English
  2. Video: Blogs in Plain English
  3. Video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English
  4. Video: Social Networking in Plain English
  5. Video: Wikis in Plain English
  6. Video: RSS in Plain English
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