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November 24th, 2008
5 Important Career Tips


Tip 1 – A Company Focused Interview

In an interview, it is almost always a mistake to disparage the company you are leaving.

Instead, look at the company’s published information and pick out some strengths that make valid reasons for wanting to make a change.

For example, you could talk about:
– how well it’s regarded in the industry
– its cutting edge technology
– what you hope to learn from the company
– the prospects for career development that are different from your old company
– changes in your life and career aspirations that make change a good option for you
– the location.

Tip 2 – When To Discuss Salary In An Interview

Avoid bringing up salary in a job interview. It’s best to wait until you have been offered the job to start talking about money.

If an interviewer brings up money too early, attempt to direct the conversation back to the job duties and your qualifications. The more you show them how good you are for the position, the better your chances for being hired for more money.

Tip 3 – Online Job Posting

Many employers are now finding it more convenient, less expensive, and more effective, to post a job opening online. This trend is also beneficial to the job seeker.

Make online job boards one part of your overall job search strategy. Although studies repeatedly show that they are not the most effective means of finding a job, they can be a good starting point. By looking through the online job postings, you can gain access to a wider variety of jobs than you might have considered otherwise.

Tip 4 – The Art of the Follow-Up Phone Call

Keep your follow-up phone call brief and focused by sticking to these objectives:

1. Re-introduce yourself and mention something you did or said on the interview to help the employer remember you.

2. Determine if the position you’re applying for has been filled. If it has been filled, ask politely if they can give you feedback on how you performed during the interview and if there is another position available that fits your qualifications.

3. If the job is still open, let the employer know that you are still very interested in the job.

4. Briefly remind the employer how your skills and experiences make you an ideal candidate for the job.

5. Find out if there is anything else you can do to help you get the job while you are waiting to hear from them.

Tip 5 – A Little Research Goes a Long Way

Research the companies you are interviewing for. Type the name of the company into a search engine and look for the following information:

1. What the company does, makes, or sells and how they compare to the competition.

2. How the company is organized.

3. What the salary range is for similar positions in the area.

4. Key words or phrases that are repeated on the company Web site.

5. Any newsworthy items about the company that you can ask about or mention during your interview.

Feel free to share your tips here…

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