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Welcome to Catherine’s Career CornerAt Catherine’s Career Corner, we empower ambitious candidates of all ages and professions to work smarter and not harder on their careers.

Catherine Adenle

Catherine’s Career Corner was started by Catherine Adenle in August 2008. Since then, we have been able to keep in touch virtually, share practical tools, advice, resources, job news and information to help our visitors of all experience to progress in their career.

Catherine’s Career Corner was purely formed to offer free straight forward career guidance and self-help that is critical in ensuring that we provide people with effective career support. We take great care to ensure that we bring you useful information to help you progress and be the best you can be in your career.

We write articles and we also bring you highly relevant articles, tools and resources put together by experts in the field of career management. Whether you want to exercise greater control over your career, find a new job, clarify and achieve your ambitions faster, embark on a self career coaching or consider a complete career change, we have the articles for you.

More about Catherine’s Career Corner:

jobsearchJob Search

There are down-to-earth articles, common sense steps and tips to help you with your job search. We do realise that there is a lot more to job hunting than just responding to adverts and sending your CV to databases. There are articles in Catherine’s Career Corner to help you perfect your self-marketing, your CV, interview techniques, popular interview Q&A and cover letter tips so that you can showcase your talent, stand out from the crowd and present yourself as the ideal candidate by using a client-centred approach.

 Keeping Your Job

Again, once you secure your job, there are articles on what you should do on day one, week one, and how to fit in and be accepted into the fold of an already storming and norming team. There are also tips to help you deal with your boss.

careerchangeCareer Change

The key to a successful career lies in understanding what you are good at, what you enjoy, what matters to you in life and what motivates you at work. There are articles and links to resources to help you to be clear about the direction your career should go in.

Our articles on career change and the embedded links will help you to understand yourself better and identify your career options.

Catherine's Career Corner

All you need is the right advice and tips to succeed and have a rewarding career.

We like to think that whatever you read here will provide you with insightful tips, tricks and secrets of the trade.

Enjoy your view of the articles and remember to leave your comments.

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  5. Hi Catherine,

    I came accross your blog and really like the way the articles are written and how informative they are. Would you be happy for me to contribute an article to your forum? I work for PRMoment, an online PR magazine which specialises in jobs and careers in PR and Marketing. Having recently graduated myself I would really like to contribute an article looking at the job market through a new pair of eyes.

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    Kind Regards,

    Sarah Murray

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