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These are 10 things to leave out of your CV. Explore these 10 things to leave out of your CV if you want to prepare and send an effective CV to potential employers.

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By Catherine Adenle

Know the 10 things to leave out of your CV. Your CV is a document that proves why you’re the ideal candidate for any employer to invest their time and money in. Essentially, your CV is your skills and brand sales brochure, pinpointing and showcasing your USPs (unique selling points) that make you stand out from the job seeking crowd.

When it comes to preparing a CV, there’s no universally accepted format, but these 10 things to leave out of your CV must not be on your CV.

10 things to leave out of your CV

1. Photos

Trust me, unless you are applying to a modelling agency, please bin the picture no matter how gorgeous you think you look. The only people who need to include photos in their CVs are models and performers.

2. Any sort of failure

The key thing is to sell your key skills required by the employer and not your failures in life. This covers exams, marriages, businesses, etc.

3. Every vacation and the job you had twenty five years ago

The story of any job you had twenty years ago is not very inspiring. It tells the employer your age immediately. Stick to your recent jobs and sell your achievements for the past ten to fifteen years if you have worked that long.

4. The words ‘I’, ‘he’ or ‘she’

Your CV should normally be written in the first person (‘I’), but you never actually need to write ‘I’ in a CV. Some people used to write their CV in the third person (‘he’ or ‘she’). Again, you don’t need to include the ‘he’ or ‘she’.

5. Fluffy designs, Patterns, borders and graphics

These need not be on your CV. These will give your CV a cluttered appearance. Besides, what you think is tasteful may not be to the liking of the employer.

Unless you are a designer and you are applying to be a designer with the company.

6. Reasons for leaving each job

Not necessary, wait until the interview and wait until you are asked. Sometimes, these might leave you open to being misunderstood.

7. List your elementary or primary schools

This isn’t necessary or of any interest to the employer. But do include your most recent educational establishment.

8. Salary information

This can only be used to reject your application. If an advertisement specifically requests this information, you can always include it in your cover letter.

9. Risky e-mail addresses

These give you no chance at all! If your e-mail address is [email protected], or [email protected],  trust me, an employer is going to think twice before they invite you for an interview.

10. Binders and folders

These will often be discarded straight away, as your CV will be photocopied, scanned, faxed, etc.

Want an effective CV?

Now that you know the 10 things to leave out of your CV, are there other things you can add? Leave your comment or questions below.

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