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February 19th, 2009
Sharpen Your CV’s Focus – See These 5 Key Tips

1. CVs generally should not include personal pronouns, such as “I,” “me,” and “my.” If there is one place on the CV where an exception can be made, it’s the objective statement. However, it’s still best to avoid these pronouns.

2. The default assumption about any job you are seeking is that is a typical full-time job. Therefore, don’t waste words in your objective statement stating that you seek a full-time position. Describe the nature of the position only if it differs from a normal full-time job. Examples include part-time, freelance, contract, internship, and summer-job positions.

3. A good objective statement answers questions: What position(s) are you applying for? What are your main qualifications? What can you bring to the organization? What is your professional identity?

4. Whenever an objective statement offers an “or” option, try to eliminate the “or” according to the job you’re targeting. For example, consider this objective statement: “Technical position with customer-relations and troubleshooting opportunities in the [plastics or specialty chemicals] field.” If you apply for a job in the plastics field, the objective should read: “Technical position with customer-relations and troubleshooting opportunities in the plastics field.” And, obviously, if you apply for a position in specialty chemicals, it should read: “Technical position with customer-relations and troubleshooting opportunities in the specialty chemicals field.” If you are working with a recruiter, leave in both possibilities (without the brackets, of course).

5. Any time an objective statement mentions “your company,” “your firm,” or “your organization,” remember that you can substitute the specific name of an organization to target your CV to that employer.

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