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July 5th, 2009
10 Ways to Enjoy Your Work

We’ve all read about the importance of achieving a good work/life balance. However in reality, the pressures of a growing organisation can make it difficult for everyone in the organisation, not just those at the top. Here are ten ways to make sure everyone enjoys their work:

1. Be comfortable – you spend a lot of time at work so why not create a comfortable environment? This is particularly important if you spend a lot of time at a desk.

2. Be confident – take a pride in what your organisation does and be sure that your efforts are for a worthwhile cause. You won’t be happy unless you’re confident in your mission.

3. Be sociable – however busy you are, spare time to talk to others. Networking with others keeps your life in perspective. It also allows you to bump into new opportunities.

4. Be ethical – you have to live with yourself. Don’t deviate from your personal values.

5. Be helpful – try to surprise one person a day by doing something unexpectedly helpful. This could be a colleague, a customer or supplier. Build respect.

6. Be healthy – consider private medical insurance so you can get those niggling health problems sorted out quickly. Don’t let bad health pull you down.

7. Be adventurous – try new things, although not too many at once! Don’t get stuck in a rut where work becomes tedious and you find yourself yearning for the weekend.

8. Be mobile – you can change the scenery by moving your office or workshop round from time to time. This both avoids the build up of clutter and also stops you getting bored with the view.

9. Be green fingered – don’t just put flowers in the office, make a garden outside if there’s room. Could you hold meetings outside on nice days? Everyone would enjoy that!

10. Be there – sometimes things can seem too much and even the strongest willed of us feel like staying in bed. You can only improve work if you’re where the action is. Be there!

Article written by Robert Ashton. See Robert’s website for more

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