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August 20th, 2009
How to Succeed and Gain Promotion at Work

How do you succeed and gain promotion at work? You landed that first job and you have been at it for about a year or two. And you’re looking for career promotion advice to move up the ladder, successfully. Obviously, there are no hard and fast rules to this. However, there are guidelines that can help increase your chances of promotion. Explore how to succeed and gain promotion at work.


How to succeed and gain promotion at work

By Catherine Adenle

Just like any other career minded professional, you want to succeed and gain promotion at work. In my years at work, I have had the opportunity to practice some of these tips below and also observe some of them being practised by other colleagues too. I have also had the opportunity to witness many people utilising these tips to find their own greener pastures.

In every workplace, you can notice a handful of patterns. Some people seem to fit in well at work, they do their work, and usually succeed and gain promotion at work. They get the opportunities, raises, and praises. Others are just kind of there to spin the wheels – they come in, do their day to day work and go home, but they never step up to the plate and rarely get anything in return, but they often wonder why nothing is handed to them. So, they are disgruntled and bitter and rarely do anything beyond the bare minimum.  Every chance they get, they float, loaf, and simply fill up space until a reason comes up for them to be laid off.

So, which group do you currently belong to at work? To succeed and gain the promotion at work, you’re far better off being in the first group than in the second one. The people in that first group are the ones that get the raises, the promotions, and the opportunities because they’re the ones that actually provide significant added value for their employers. When it comes to your career, this phenomenon is true, no matter what the job is.

The most interesting part is that people actively choose which group they’re in through their actions. Some people come in the door of any organisation and look for opportunities to get ahead straight away. Others go in, watch the clock, do the bare minimum work, and get their monthly pay.Succeed and Gain the Promotion You Want

To succeed and gain promotion at work, you need to shine. But what do you have to do to succeed and gain promotion?  Here are some tips you can follow:

Be Serious at Work

In any organisation, it’s easy to identify the top workers. Usually, they’re the ones that managers defer to and ask for advice. They’re the ones who always seem to come through with the things that need to be done. As a result, these top workers have job stability, succeed and gain promotion at work. So, be serious about learning from these people at work. Ask them plenty of questions about how they get things done. Watch what they do, particularly with their downtime. In some situations, it might even be appropriate to ask them to be your mentor.

Be serious at work and be serious with your work. Being serious with your work does not mean that you should not have fun at work. Neither does it means you cannot enjoy your work. It just means that you need to focus more on your work. There are detractors everywhere at work, so focus on what needs to be done on time with speed and consistency. When you are serious at work you minimize being perceived badly. Bosses and colleagues will feel your commitment, this will enable you to succeed and gain promotion at work.

Be Smart and Hard-working

Being hard-working may probably sound laborious to some people but working smart at the same time will let you succeed and gain promotion at work. No matter how much you work smart and no matter how many ‘tricks’ you know to work smart, you still need to work. You still need to be hardworking in order for the results to show. Any short cut that does not require being hardworking will not bear fruits!

Learn to be Indispensable

Isn’t it true that no one is indispensable in this world? Well, it is true. But you should strive to make yourself indispensable at work. To succeed and gain promotion at work, make ‘being indispensable’ part of your career goals.

See 20 Ways to Be Indispensable at Work (Infographic) 

20 Ways to Be Indispensable at Work (Infographic)



Strive to be a key competitive advantage to your manager and team. When you do that, you are making yourself indispensable. Being indispensable means adding much needed value that will affect the bottom line, taking initiatives and do what needs to be one on time. Always take the initiative to do what is beyond the call of duty. When you take this advice to heart you increase your chances to succeed and gain promotion at work.

Be Nice

Every workplace have a poisonous few. These few negative people can really reduce the quality of the work environment and make you negative. Stay away from poisonous or negative people as it is important to be genuinely positive, nice and likeable in order to succeed and gain promotion at work. Being nice at work demonstrates professional decorum and allows you to be a delight to work with.

Show Enthusiasm

If you want to succeed and gain promotion at work, then show enthusiasm at work. Put passion behind every task that is given to you to complete. Let that enthusiasm rub off on your colleagues. When you put enthusiasm into every task, work becomes easier and lighter. You complete it with more accuracy and speed.

Remember, the  feeling of passion is easily transferred. When you work with passion, you demonstrate good leadership and you will naturally shine at work.

Guide on How to Get Noticed at Work

Shine like a Star at Work

To shine like a star at work, remember to practice all the attributes above. It will help you to succeed and gain promotion at work.

Now that you have explored how to succeed and gain promotion at work, what else can you add?

Let’s hear from you. Feel free to add other attributes below in the comment box.

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