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Searching for a job? Explore how to utilize social networks. When it comes to searching for a job these days, networking opportunities are everywhere. The internet is a vast hub of all things related to job search. There, you will find the tools and all necessary resources to showcase your skills and capabilities. So, how does one utilize social networks for job search?

How to utilize social networks for job search


By Catherine Adenle
“How do I utilize social networks for job search?” One of my friends asked me this question last week. Most people know that the best way to find a job is through networking. As a job seeker, you can go to networking meetings, tap into your own personal network, or ask friends you know. With the internet buzzing with various social media sites, there are similarly many ways to use social media in order to network, and eventually find a job.
Unfortunately, some of us are still under-utilizing our social networks. These online networks  are meant to work for us when it comes to connecting, sharing, learning and self empowerment. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc., can do far more than some people use them for.

During job search, networking is one of the most important components of your focus. There are several networking sites and databases readily available online for your use. These social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+,Twitter etc, fundamentally exist to help people network, professionally and socially. So it’s natural that their use crept into the job seeking realm of life.

Basically, the sites help you to easily connect, follow and make friends. For example, if you’ve always wanted to work for any organization, and they are on LinkedIn, you can easily follow the organization and some of its employees on LinkedIn. You can also connect with a friend of a friend that works there.

Regardless of your situation, building extensive social networks is vital. It allows you to see how you might be connected to a potential employer, client or customer of the future. Use all these top social and professional networking sites to enhance your career and boost your job search.

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A basic understanding of how to utilize social networks for job search and apply for jobs effectively online can place you ahead of the competition by landing your dream job in an effortless manner. However, to successfully snag a job, it’s important that you know how to craft a brand for yourself online.
Remember, if your profile is anywhere on the web, then consider it public. As a job seeker, in order to utilize social networks for job search, you must always remain professional online and know that your digital footprint is more important to recruiters than your CV.
In a way, Google search has replaced your well-crafted electronic CV and cover letter. How we utilize social networks for job search in this digital age is all about crafting a personal brand online and selling that brand to prospective employers using a variety of media.

The social web has changed how we search for jobs as well as the organizations that are doing the recruiting. Most recruiters now use LinkedIn and Google searches to perform an unofficial background checks on job seekers. These recruiters also find talents online instead of paying to place their job adverts in newspapers or search through talent databases and job boards. So in order to utilize social networks for job search, you have to be present on relevant social media networks.

In addition, today’s job market is more fluid than it used to be and that affects how we all search for and get jobs. That’s why your professional profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook is important. On these social networking sites, especially on LinkedIn, you get the chance to follow or connect with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), rub digital shoulders with successful and interesting people or follow the companies that you admire their culture, values and principles.

Job hunting has also turned into a constant activity for most people. Even people who have good jobs continue to job hunt for better jobs. So, if you are looking for the quickest ways to get a job now, utilize social networks for job search and take full advantage in this digital age.

According to the summary of the report on online reputation research commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Cross-Tab in France, Germany, UK, and US, findings showed that whether it is for a job application, friendship, dating, or other purposes, when people want to learn about someone, they turn to the ever-growing pool of information on the web. So, it is val that you are present where they can find you.

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How to Utilize Social Networks for Job Search


LinkedIn has become the most popular professional network in the world. Generally, more and more organizations now rely on the Internet, especially LinkedIn to research any candidates they plan to hire. While there other platforms that can equally help you to build your professional network, the ‘father’ of them all and the one to consider is LinkedIn. The platform alone can help you to land a job, build a relevant network of professionals, allow you to showcase and promote your capabilities. As well, it gives you the opportunity to create and exchange information, tips, resources and ideas to shape your personal brand as a professional.

If successfully leveraged, LinkedIn can help you to create a strong personal brand and widen your global reach of job markets, trades, and organizations. If you are still wondering about how to utilize social networks for job search, just sign up to LinkedIn. There you will learn how to use the full power of LinkedIn to job search, including effectively using your own connections and utilizing all the information available on LinkedIn when you’re applying for jobs.

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If you’re using Facebook already, then use it for professional networking too as more people are doing every day, here are tips on the best way to use Facebook when you’re job searching.


This is how to use Twitter as a social networking and microblogging service to find a job. Twitter is open ended and people and companies use it in a variety of ways, including to job search.


This is one of the newest and rapidly growing networking site online with over 2 billion members. To utilize social networks for job search, you are expected to register for the most used sites. This is how to use Google+ for job search.

The Infographic below also explores 20 smartest ways to snag a job now:


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Now that you have explored how to utilize social networks for job search, what else can you add? Have you used another social networking site in the past to help you snag a job? Let us hear from you. Leave your comment below.

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