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10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career 

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These are 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career. When we think about the future of work and what it means for our careers, we cannot avoid the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Artificial intelligence will create and facilitate the shift in human capital when it comes to mundane day to day transactional tasks. Explore 10 ways AI will change careers in future.


By Catherine Adenle

These are the 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career in the future. Knowing these 10 ways AI will change careers in future will help you to continue building on your skills so that you can continue to thrive in your career.

1. New Models of Engagement
2. More Productivity and Efficiency
3. Innovative Methods of Training and Development
4. Greater Control on Schedules
5. The emergence of New Professions
6. Coding and Data Analysis Will Be Universal
7. Being Human Will Be a Skill
8. Automated Business Process
9. Rapid Innovation
10. Cobots Will Be Your Partner

When thinking about the future of work and what it means for your careers, you cannot avoid the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The ease of automating various processes in any modern organization is seen as one of the major factors in realizing the future workplace. Artificial intelligence will create and facilitate the shift in human capital when it comes to mundane day to day transactional tasks. With this shift, there are opportunities and new possibilities for your career. These 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career article will delve into these career opportunities.

Love it or loathe it, Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is the broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a considered “smarter” way is here to stay. Machine Learning (ML), which is a current application of AI-based around the idea that we should be able to give machines access to data and let them learn so that they can get on with tasks themselves with little or no human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence is advancing rapidly

When we highlight these 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career, it will be obvious that AI is no longer a thing of Sci-Fi novels, and films, it is real and advancing rapidly. It has sipped into our day to day transactional tasks. We already have Artificial Intelligence (albeit weak AI) in much of our daily life with aspects such as facial, image, fingerprint recognition and via online search and recommendations. Other forms of weak AI that are designed to complete one narrow task such as self-driving cars will soon be mainstream.

IBM surveyed top auto executives, 74% expected that we would see smart cars on the road by 2025. These cars would not only integrate into the Internet of Things (IoT), but they will also learn about their owners and environments. Using owners’ information, the cars might adjust the internal settings such as temperature, audio, seat position, etc., automatically based on the riders’ preferences. These cars will report and even fix problems themselves, drive themselves, and offer real-time advice about traffic and road conditions. If you are a truck, lorry or an Uber driver, you are bound to think of how this is going to affect or change your career in the future. Going through these 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career will highlight how AI will allow businesses, industries or roles to transform.

Many headlines about the automation that AI and ML will bring paint apocalyptic scenarios and for some people. These are worrying predictions for their careers. They see the ‘rise of robots’ as the downfall of all global jobs. See Statistics like “38% of are at high risk of replacement” (PWC). If we go by some of these latest studies and survey reports, AI is already causing massive disruption across industries and markets. Researchers estimate that the AI market will surpass $100 billion by 2025 from its current size of $5 billion.

Generally, we hear the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning crop up frequently when the topic of discussion is around emerging tech trends, automation, innovation, Big Data, data analytics, and the broader waves of technological change which are currently sweeping through our world. As we see it, the factors contributing to AI and ML growths include a greater appetite for productivity and efficiency. The eagerness to automate processes and reduce the recurring costs of production are the key reasons why AI is bound to become an integral part of the future workforce.

Machines’ ability to make a quick and informed business decision, analyze data, and perform repetitive tasks have now made them a vital part of the modern corporate environment. It is clear the future will be general AI, whereby software and machines can perform cognitive tasks and outperform humans. So, if humans can be replaced, what does that mean for our careers and working life? Estimations from Oxford University suggest that 47% of US employment is at risk as a result of AI and the general consensus believe this too, with 65% of Americans expecting that much of their work in the next fifty years will be lost to robots and computers.

10 ways AI will change your career – Impact on the Job Market

While it’s evident that AI and ML will have a great impact on the workplace, there’s anxiety and fear of them taking the lead. WEF (World Economic Forum) estimates that over 5 million jobs will be lost in the next 5 years due to automation and machine learning. Contrary to these fears, many analysts argue that AI will create far more wealth than it destroys. It’ll be adding more jobs and efficiency than the jobs it replaces. Hence, if you are a fresh entrant into the job market or an experienced professional, it’s the right time to take new career decisions and invest in skills that will rule the future. Over a series of 14 tweets posted in May 2017, Bill Gates told graduates what jobs he would be looking for if he started out today. “AI, energy, and biosciences are promising fields where you can make a huge impact,” he wrote. This made me think of the 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change our careers or affect them in the future.


10 ways AI will change your career

10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career

1 – New Models of Engagement

AI-led developments are being dubbed as “fourth industrial revolution” as it is changing the fundamentals of our work environment. The way we live, work, collaborate and relate to things today at work may not be the same soon. In the next 5-10 years, we will have fewer routine administrative and repetitive tasks, as all these types of tasks will be performed by machines and robots. However, overseeing these machines, the data they use, augmenting and upgrading them will be the best job position to be in. Very basically, a machine learning algorithm is given a “teaching set” of data, then asked to use that data to answer a question. Machine learning then continues to add to its teaching set. Every time it identifies anything correctly or incorrectly, it gets added to the teaching set, and the program effectively gets “smarter” and better at completing its task over time.

2 – More Productivity and Efficiency

Per Accenture, by 2035, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have the power to increase productivity by 40 per cent or more. AI in its finest form will help us unlock trapped value in core businesses and improve businesses’ bottom line through intelligent automation, labour and capital augmentation, and innovation diffusion. AI will eliminate human errors for us, which should improve output quality and strengthen cybersecurity. Strong cybersecurity will become even more important for protecting proprietary and sensitive data in manufacturing and ensuring a competitive edge. AI will also help with predictive maintenance of our systems, tools, and platforms thereby speed up our productivity.

As noted above, one of the biggest motivators behind the adoption of AI is productivity and process efficiency. Companies want to reduce the cost by handing over repetitive tasks to machines and using their help in data analytics and business decisions. For humans, focusing on managing what AI and ML cannot do will be the skill that will be in high demand.

Powerful algorithms can make decisions faster and provide the necessary data to make timely decisions. Unlike many critics, we do not see AI as a replacement for human knowledge and expertise; instead, it is a supporting tool for humans to enhance their productivity and expertise.

We do not see AI as a replacement for human knowledge and expertise; instead, it is a supporting tool for humans to enhance their productivity and expertise.

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3 – Innovative Methods of Training and Development

Given the fast pace of technological and societal changes, L&D will stay abreast of the latest approaches and methodologies as they develop their learning strategies. The days of one size fits all will soon disappear. AI will provide insights based on the enormous amount of data it has collected and analyzed for organizations, which will facilitate the creation of customized learning programs faster than before.

In organizations, training and development will be automated to identify skills individuals excel in, offer and personalize the right set of training courses to further enhance skills. To prepare our children for the workplace of the future, education in schools from an early age will help our kids to study totally different subjects than what we were studying as education industry is bound to undergo rapid changes because of new discoveries, market demands, and professional changes. Reading, writing and mathematical skills will change, forcing curriculum planners to make a shift.

Adaptive learning that is personalized to the individual will be a powerful way to engage future and today’s workforce, but the challenge facing L&D is to be able to make sense of the data and to leverage those insights to drive business value. This is where AI will help tremendously. AI can be taught to provide the best interpretation of the data sets, the right course for an individual or the perfect candidate for an open position based on skills and training. Intelligent teaching assistants will provide faster answers and feedback to employees. Courses will engage employees, at a high level.

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4 – Greater Control on Schedules at Work

With the improvement in machine connectivity, data and networking, working during the most productive period of your working day and doing the most important work from home or anywhere in the world will become more of a norm. In other words, AI will allow knowledge workers to focus on the most engaging parts of their jobs while making their companies more productive and effective. Schedules depicting the most productive time of individuals will be available to individuals and give them more control of their productivity. This is an important fact on this list of the 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career.

With the advancement in AI and machine learning, the future looks more glowing with more control to the workers. People will have greater control over their schedule as work won’t be confined to typical 9-5 working hours. AI-powered mobility will move the jobs where the talent is located.

The 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Career (Infographic) by Catherine Adenle

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence will Change your Career (Infographic)

5 – Emergence of New Professions

In researching these 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career, we noticed that critics are of the view that AI will play havoc with workplaces as the number of jobs will be replaced by robots and machines, so income inequality will increase. They predict that the job market will be further segregated into low-pay and high-pay market (on the basis of skills & complexity). However, this is not the complete story.

While AI is bound to replace a number of jobs, a number of new (and well-paying) jobs will be created. Machine learning will help humans to focus more on innovation and complex tasks instead of wasting time on routine repetitive tasks. Moreover, jobs being replaced will have newer models of engagement, giving new roles to the people at the helm of affairs. It’s worth remembering that Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the way we live, from everyday tasks to complex, large-scale projects.

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6 – Coding and Data Analysis Will Be Universal

This is a vital part of the 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career.  It’s already hard to run a competitive business today without data. But even massive amounts of data are useless without a way to transform that data into valuable insights. That’s typically why organizations hire data scientists, a role that just happens to be one of the most difficult roles to fill for companies.

Yes, data analysis and coding will be ubiquitous within the workplace and academics. Many analysts predict that coding will be taught at all levels in schools and colleges to train people for the newer models of engagements at the workplace.

AI will continue to help companies make use of their data with several data scientists and coders in organizations.

So, if you’re not into the coding or data, take note of this for your next skill up-gradation plan.

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7 – Being Human Will Be a Skill

On the list of the 10 ways AI will change your career, this may sound incredulous. There is one vital skill that humans already have and that will increasingly be leveraged for higher-income: emotional intelligence.

Being human means we not only take ‘intelligence’ but also emotions into considerations but we can’t make computers feel everything or be emotionally intelligent. We can’t code them on how to interact with people in a particular scenario.

8 – Automated Business Process

Process automation will change the dynamics of various jobs – and the professional will be more like a machine/robot operator. Take the example of chatbots on the websites – they work as support agents and tackle a few basic inquiries. However, if the inquiry is what they are not trained for, they immediately engage the account handler for human response.

If you are in support services, brace yourself for rapid change as process automation may have a strategic impact on your job.

9 – Rapid Innovation

If we narrow down the impact of deep learning on the work, there are just two things – efficiency enhancement or replacement. Humans will have to migrate to jobs that machines cannot do – in a bid to augment the performance.

More specifically, humans will be pushed to innovative and creative jobs. This will lead to rapid innovation as human performance will be empowered by insights/data provided by machines and algorithms. AI isn’t just going to transform the workplace for office workers. Its benefits will span all sorts of industries and occupations. Through this, innovation will be at an optimum level and creativity will be highly required of employees. This is a great way of these 10 ways Artificial Intelligence will change your career because humans will learn to divert their innovative skills to support ML’s capabilities.

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10 – Cobots Will Be Your Partner

AI will transform workplace communications by allowing employees who speak different languages to easily understand each other in real-time conversations. Meeting and conversation channels and mediums will automatically translate for all parties in a conference call.

10 ways Machine Learning will change your career

The term “Cobots” means collaborative robots. They are meant to change the job descriptions and nature of work – forcing humans to focus more on results, not tasks. Robots will be working with humans in a collaborative work environment to process things faster and help humans make their project a big success.


As you have explored the howAI will change your career, it’s vital to know that AI is here and will surely change the way we live and work. We strongly encourage you to stay away from the people with the mindset of ‘robots are stealing our jobs’. Keep in mind that machine learning is just like any other technological advancement, meant to help humans live and work in a more productive and efficient manner.

However, modern businesses and professionals need to prepare themselves for the changes coming ahead. It is a great time for you to take advantage of the opportunities represented by the emerging trends and invest in skills and technologies that will rule the future.

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