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Explore how to create a professional resume. Creating and having your professional resume is important because your resume is the first document that will represent you and showcase your skills, attributes and accomplishments to a potential employer. Before you craft your professional resume, the first thing you’ll need to do is think about how it will stand out from the rest so that it grabs the attention of a hiring manager.

How to create a professional resume


If you want to create a professional resume, you need to follow some tips, especially if it’s your first time. Creating a professional resume is not as easy as some might think, but if you manage to carefully create one, then, there is no way that you shouldn’t get your dream job.

A resume should be professional and polished because you have to win the trust of the hiring manager that is going to view it within the first few seconds.

In a job application, you will not get a second opportunity if you have been rejected on the first go.

Below we have listed some of the top-notch tips with which you can generate the perfect resume.

Tips for creating a professional resume

Today, resume creation or making has become much simpler because of the launch of resume builder tools. The resume builder tools automate the process of designing a resume. So, this way, even a layperson can create a resume like a pro.

Having a great resume builder tool can ease the process of creating a resume. However, it’s incredibly helpful for you to utilise these professional tips to create a formal CV for your job application.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow for the creation of professional resumes or CVs:

1. Select the best resume type

Today you can find different types of resumes online. All of these resume types depend on your circumstances and choice. The different types of resumes that exist today are chronological, functional, combination, and targeted resumes. You should think about the job you want to apply for along with your skills. Based on the situation, you can easily select the best resume type for you.

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2. Choose a simple font style

Resumes should be kept simple and clear in their style. It should always be easy to read so that the hiring manager can absorb all of your details quickly and in one go. We would suggest you select a legible and simple font style like Calibri, Arial, or New Roman. The font style used in the resume should not be too small or too large. You can select from the size between 10 and 13. You should always avoid using dense blocks of text and use the standard margins so that it remains attractive and aligned if you send a physical resume.

3. Keep consistent formatting

When you create a professional resume, you have to make sure that the formatting is kept consistent. For instance, if you are using bullet points while describing your responsibilities in the CV, you have to make sure that you are adding bullet points in the other sections too. Also, you have to ensure that the style of bulleted lists is the same. You should never use different styles of lists in the same resume. You must also try and avoid the use of bold and italics in your resume. The font style and size should also stay intact.

4. Keep your resume focused

You must never add too much information to the resume. The purpose of the resume is not only to win the hiring manager’s trust but also to engage any recruiter. You have to focus on adding important skills, attributes, and achievements to your resume. Furthermore, you must ensure that the resume is not several pages long. Today, hiring managers are not interested in a lengthy resume. You have to try and make your resume as concise as possible.

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5. Consult resume examples and templates

If you don’t know the modern resume designs, you can always consult the themes and collections of the resume builder tools. The templates can help you understand what kind of resume design would be suitable for your identity. Many resume builder tools can provide you with tons of examples. The designs and templates offered by the resume builder, smallseotools, are quite interesting and appealing.

6. Carefully edit the template

Suppose you are using a resume builder tool to create a resume. In that case, you should be incredibly careful in editing the template. The resume builder tools allow you to customize and edit the template styles as per your own choice. Still, it would help if you were careful as you might ruin the design’s originality and make it uninteresting. Before finalizing your edited version, you have to make sure that you find someone to proofread it and to check whether it is appealing or not.

How to use a resume maker tool

People usually avoid creating resumes with online resume maker tools. The main reason behind it is unawareness. If you want to create perfect resumes with online resume builders, you must know how to use them. Let us see how the resume builder tool by SmallSEOTools works and where you get free professional resume templates. Following are the easy step to create a professional resume with this free cv maker!

  • Open the resume maker by SmallSEOTools on your browser.
  • Select the category of resume that suits your personality the most.
  • In each category, you would find a fix or six template designs. You can pick one for yourself.
  • Enter your personal and professional details in the resume template.
  • You can edit the colour scheme and the overlays of the template without any difficulties.
  • Download the final resume design in your desired format

Infographic: How to create a professional resume

Now that you have explored how to create a professional resume, let us know what you think. leave your comments below.

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