Change management in your organization? Explore these 20 rules of success in organizations. Change is tough to execute and manage in organizations, however knowing how to enable and embed change is easy when certain guidelines are followed.

Change Management in Your Organization - See 20 Rules of Success

By Catherine Adenle

If you are in charge of any change management in your organization, it’s vital that you explore the guidelines for executing a successful change. Agreed, when implementing change, no two organizations are the same, nor is there a ’one-size-fits-all’ approach because each organisation is different in structure, size, vision, culture, business needs and most all, each change management is different.

Despite the range of approaches to change management, there are common guidelines to follow in order to deliver successful change. These common change management guidelines apply across all large and complex organisations.

Following these guidelines, I have come up with 20 rules of successful change management in organizations. The content of these rules is intended as a guide to facilitate best practice by guiding the actions common to a successful change.

These are the 20 Rules of Change Management in Organizations:

20 Rules of Successful Change Management by Catherine Adenle 20 Rules of Successful Change Management 2


If you are in charge of any change management in your organization and you’ve just explored these 20 rules of successful change management, are there other rules that you would have added? Let’s hear from you, add your comments below.

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