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If you want to thrive and get noticed at work so that you can move up the corporate ladder, you need to be capable of demonstrating your skills or worth to others. For the awareness of the dexterity needed to thrive and get noticed at work, see these 50 tips.


How to Thrive and Get Noticed at Work


Written by Catherine Adenle

These days, you need to thrive and get noticed at work. Several tangible and intangible skills are needed to thrive at work, gain attention from management. Getting things right will easily lead to higher-level roles and recognition among peers.

If you want to thrive and get noticed at work so that you can move up the corporate ladder, you need to be capable of demonstrating your skills or worth to others. Awareness of the dexterity needed to thrive, get noticed and be seen as adding value to the business, your team, your work etc., in a positive way is important.

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Following some of the tips below will help you to change the way you are at work and help you to cultivate new habits which will help you to become that great employee.

It is not only your achievements that will speak for you but mostly your growth within the organization is often dictated by other people’s observation of you and what you contribute.

Here are 50 tips to help you thrive and get noticed at work:

1. Do the work that you are paid to do!

2. Know your ability and believe in yourself, as Henry Ford said, “He who believes he can and he who believes he cannot are both correct.”

3. Love and like what you do. That way, getting things done at work will normally not be an issue

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4. Learn new technology. The internet is in information overload mode if you don’t know how to do something, it is now as easy as opening up Google, YouTube, eHow To, Yahoo and searching for the answer

5. Do great work and meet your deadlines. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver on a consistent basis

6. Correct undesirable habits and improve the positive ones. No one is perfect, so, what are your undesirable habits that are standing in your way? Know and address them

7. Be proactive and walk the talk always

8. Help to make your manager and team shine

9. Perfect your elevator pitch. The current recession means that now, more than ever, all professionals, including doctors, accountants and lawyers are being forced to sell their skills. One of the most important things you can do is learn how to speak about your attributes to others. Being able, to sum up, unique aspects of your skills in a way that excites others should be a fundamental skill that you possess

10. Respect yourself and others at work

11. Strive to always clearly state your intention in a positive manner, doing this will let you go far

12. At every opportunity, make your presence felt. Research things beforehand and ask sensible questions. Think before you speak! Know when to shut up too

13. Be willing to share your knowledge and mentor

14. Perfection is good but when perfection is always your goal, you will always be left with a nagging sense of failure. Then you will end up spending your time lamenting what you failed to accomplish, instead of enjoying what you were able to achieve. Celebrate your successes.

Thrive and get noticed at work

15. Don’t just keep an act of busy working; inculcate the habit of adding value as well.

16. Be assertive. People would not take you seriously if you always act or talk like a comedian or someone who is unsure or frightened.

17. To thrive and get noticed at work, know exactly who your company’s competitors are and what they are doing. That is the only way to come up with strategic innovative ideas

18. Be a great team player and offer to help your colleagues if you have the time

19. Always organize your time but be flexible as necessary

20. Communicate proficiently, remember that this is not just about how you talk only, your body language and conversation should reflect a confident you. Speak up concisely and clearly

21. Maintain focus as necessary and work smarter to thrive and get noticed at work.

22. Network as if it is going out of fashion. Use the lunch breaks or the coffee times in the morning productively and always chat nicely to people

23. Remember to always take an objective look at your feelings and separate fact from fiction

24. Once in a while, learn to toot your own horns but don’t be cocky

25. Repeated failures at work can seriously erode your self-confidence and make it hard to believe you’ll achieve a better outcome in the future. Just remember that success lies in your ability to rise in the face of failure

Being Professional At Work

26. Be willing to learn every day

27. Remember not to be the jack of all trade but a master of none, so limit yourself. Choose your activities carefully, and focus on doing them well

28. Collaborate and take part in company-wide events

29. Find your niche

30. If it’s a free knowledge session, take advantage of it

31. Attend your organisation’s Learning and Development courses

32. Strive to learn something new every day no matter how small or big. The opportunity is there. Start teaching yourself the necessary skills now, and be vocal about it

33. Avoid known negative peddlers

34. Be constructive in your comments or observations if you want to thrive and get noticed at work.

35. Data, processes, systems aren’t everything, genuinely care about people too

36. Keep up to date with the world at large. You have the internet, join an online group that does work that’s valued by your employer, and use it to gain knowledge and garner information

37. Know your team’s goal

38. Be aware of your company’s strategy and actively connect your work to it

39. Follow, live and lead the set of values highlighted by your organisation

40. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that ‘extra’, always go the extra mile when it comes to your work

41. Remember that your destiny is in your own hands! Blaming multiple successes or failures on forces beyond your control is nothing more than a cop-out. Trust me, at work, every now and then, life will deal you difficult cards to play, and others times you’ll be holding golden aces. Your willingness to give your all in playing any hand you are holding will determine your ultimate success, altitude or failure at work

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42. Volunteer for challenging projects and deliver good results. Step up. Yes, step up to the plate, challenge yourself, take on things. If an opportunity is offered and you have the ability to get the job done then, stand up and raise your hand high

43. Be reliable. It is imperative that you are seen as responsible and reliable. Let your boss know that he can count on you. Be an expert in your field of work and brand yourself as invaluable to your organization

44. Take people’s opinions of you with a grain of salt. That way, no matter what people think about you, your self-worth will come only from within

45. Know the people that matter in the company. The only way to do this is by getting involved, volunteer for projects; be part of groups, participate in hosting events etc., because if you work for a company with over 1,000 staff, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and will take a while to get to know people and for them to know you

46. Dress suitably and professionally

47. To thrive and get noticed at work, always be punctual especially for meetings and important events

48. Prompt and promote cooperation. Remember that people like to know WIIFM (What Is In it For Me), so approach all negotiations with an attitude that allows you and others to win

49. Remember that reliable employees are always taken care of when it comes to raises in pay and promotions. You must never leave work undone or postponed. Do the work that should be done immediately. Be thorough and complete every task beforehand to create the impression of reliability

50. Finally on our list of how to thrive and get noticed at work is for you to stay aware and up to date. Read your company and industry-related publications on the internet, attend conferences, meet with other people from different organisations and be aware of any market trends

Infographic: How to Get Noticed at Work. An A -Z Guide
How to Make a Great Impression at Work_Infographic

Now that you have explored how to thrive and get noticed at work, it’s your turn to add to the list, what else can one do to thrive and get noticed at work? Let us know. Leave your comment below.

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  1. Thank you for this informative post about how to thrive at work. Frankly, following some of these tips is bound to improve anyone’s value at work.

  2. These will have a dramatic impact on how one’s perceived at work. I should put some of these into practice myself. Great post and an informative blog. Thank you and regards from DC.

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