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Explore 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off. If you have been laid off or given a notice of redundancy at work, then, you need to see these 25 ways to earn quick money during a job search.


Made redundant at work? 25 Best Ways to Earn Quick Money

By Catherine Adenle

These are 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off. If you have been made redundant at work, it’s important for you to know what to do next. Well, it’s crucial that you dust yourself off, remain pragmatic and seek ways to stay afloat financially while you seek another job.

These 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off as highlighted in this article will help you to adjust to your new situation.

Redundancies are commonplace in times of economic hardship for businesses. Unfortunately, organizations making people redundant is a fact of life for the survival of most organizations. For sustainability and long-term profitability, they have to make changes and they usually begin with making people redundant in order to cut costs of overheads.

After death and divorce, unemployment is the next big stress-inducing event for human beings. It impacts families and friends as it places a strain on everything and causes a financial burden.  Long-term joblessness can cause a lack of confidence, depression and it can sometimes become an overwhelming situation.

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If you are made redundant, these 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off shows you other ways to make money during a job search. Some of these ways allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home, work online or in some cases, you may need initial start-up money or specific equipment to get started.

Immediately you know that redundancy is imminent at work, it’s important to cut your coat according to your size.

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When you experience a loss of income, you still need to pay your bills, rent or mortgage. So, you need to switch to “survival mode.”

Made Redundant at Work? See 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off

Here are 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off \t work have been made redundant and can’t find work:

1. Own your own house? Rent out a room or two for extra income.
2. House sit, Babysit or Pet sit. If people are out of the country for long periods of time and own a home and a pet, they may need a trusted house or pet sitter who will look after their home, pet, water plants, collect their post and clean.
3. Ways to earn quick money includes food. Love to cook? Sell your services, cater for parties or have a food cart and go round offices with no canteens
4. If you have been made redundant, sell your services and skills on PeoplePerHourGigBucks and TenBux
5. Organise people’s closets, garages, and houses
6. If you have been made redundant, start your own consultancy business. Companies need consultants during the recession, especially if they have reduced their overheads.
7. Be a Tutor and hold classes based on your best skills
8. Sell what you don’t need in your house – if you haven’t touched it in three months, you don’t need it – with websites like CraigslisteBay and Amazon Marketplace, the world is your garage sale.
9. File for Job Seekers’ Allowance
10. Register with a recruitment agency to do temporary jobs or assignments– they will call you whenever there’s a paid temporary job. Usually, you can also get a permanent job this way.
11. Other ways to earn quick money include writing. Love to write? Write for magazines online, write an eBook or have a blog on what you are passionate about.
12. Do people’s gardens if you are a keen Gardener.
13. Capitalise on events and fairs to see if you can make and sell your own crafts there.
14. Love to shop? Be a personal shopper for people who hate to shop or become a mystery shopper.
15. Resell Your Unused Gifts
16. Keen photographer? One of the 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off is to take pictures and sell them to online stock picture sites.
17. Do landscaping for small businesses and friends.
18. Sign up to focus groups and do market research. Companies will pay for your opinion on their product.
19. Become an extra on a movie set.
20. Great English speaker? Tutor students or teach English as a Second Language
21. Build a team of supporters and champions. They will help you to succeed. Speak to other business owners in your area and get ideas or leads. Surround yourself with people who believe in your ability to succeed. Be optimistic and have positive friends and family member around you.
22. Volunteer for projects and earn what they give (travel and food costs). Doing this will make you and your skills more marketable.
23. Run errands for people especially the elderly.
24. Do you love dogs and love spending time with them? Another one of the 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off is to walk dogs – this is a good way to exercise while you get paid.
25. Start an online store and sell your craft. Are you creative? Create unique things and make money online selling them. Sites like EtsyStoreEnvyFlyingCart, and Big Cartel are great sites to get a store started for little-to-no money.

Be realistic

Once made redundant from work, don’t set out to be a millionaire yet, just think of your survival first but be positive. Be honest with yourself.

Stay on your game; don’t let other people dictate your future

As you have been made redundant, you need honest and supportive people around you. Be accountable and be ready to work.

It’s going to be tough, lonely and challenging

It isn’t going to be easy being made redundant but don’t be afraid to look up to you role models or mentors that you can actually talk to and ask questions

Can’t pay your bills after you’ve been made redundant?

Take the following steps:

  • Create a budget. Download a free budget planner
  • Allocate the minimum payment to your creditors and pay something to every creditor. Send a copy of your budget to all your creditors with a letter of explanation and a humble request for them to reduce the interest or accept what you can afford to pay.
  • Enclose a cheque to each creditor for the amount you have allocated. If they accept your proposal, pay that amount faithfully every month until it is totally repaid.
  • Avoid further debt by not spending frivolously. 

If you have been made redundant, you can get creative and come up with all kinds of ways to make extra money while out of work. Find out what people are willing to pay for, whether it’s a service or a product. Then figure out what your skills and resources are, and create an income for yourself.

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These 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off work will help you to stay afloat until you get a new job. Being made redundant is emotionally disturbing but being pragmatic about the situation is vital for your well being, survival and pocket.

Now that you have explored the 25 ways to earn quick money if you get laid off, what else can you add? Leave your comments below.


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