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What are the reasons why employees resist change in the workplace? There are a number of reasons why employees resist change. To know about these reasons, explore 12 crucial reasons why employees resist change and how to guide against resistance via this Infographic.

Reasons Why Employees Resist Change and How to Guide Against Resistance

By Catherine Adenle

What are the reasons why employees resist change in the workplace? Staff are critical of change because of various reasons.

We all belong to a society steeped in change and the thought of any change could be de-stabilising for some us.

Changes in the economy and the global business environment have forced organizations to change or overhaul the way they work and do business. So, whether we like it or not, change is here to stay in the workplace.

Organizations change, and in most cases, changes filter down from the best judgement of the management team looking to best position the business in order to get best results, operate efficiently and be able to compete with the others in a fast-paced business world. However, just because change is in the organizations’ best interest in the management’s point of view, doesn’t necessarily mean that majority of the workforce under the management will readily submit to change and accept it.

Thinking of reasons why staff are not keen on change at work? Some employees naturally will detest change. So, what are the reasons why employees resist change? Why do they dig in their heels and resist change at all costs?  Well, resistance to change is as inevitable as change itself. It’s inevitable that resistance to change by employees in any organisation should be expected whenever a change is introduced. This resistance from employees could be both direct or indirect. A change could also be resisted in the open or in secret. As well, resistance to change can be instinctual, logical or emotional.

Let’s face it, if half the employees in any organization will resist a change, the change is bound to fail spectacularly if reasons for the resistance are not addressed. For more information on why employees avoid change, see the Infographic below to further explore the crucial reasons employees resist change and how to guide against the fundamental motivations behind the resistance.

The Infographic below touches on 12 most common reasons why employees will resist change and why they have a tough time changing their mind-sets and behaviour in order to accept and ensure that the change is embedded.


Why Employees Resist Change (Infographic)

For other reasons why staff consider change unsettling at work, you can also see this presentation:

After you’ve explored all why staff resist change at work and how to guide against resistance (Infographic and presentation), are there others? Feel free to add your reasons below by leaving a comment.

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  1. This is a superb post. I am leading a change in my organisation and I was struggling with tools and resources, then I came across your SlideShare presentations on Change Management and this Infographic, you totally changed how I was approaching the change for the better. The change is going on successfully now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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